Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Character Spotlight 2

Take a look at Celine and Curian, two star-crossed lovers you'll play as in Blueside's upcoming action game.


Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Korean developer Blueside is currently applying the finishing touches to Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, a hack-and-slash action role-playing follow-up to its previously established action strategy series on the original Xbox. Recently, we gave you a look at Duane and Leinhart, two of the several playable characters available in Circle of Doom. Now, Microsoft has provided us with a similar spotlight on two more characters in the game, Celine and Curian. These two have a real history with each other; find out more below.


Celine and Curian represent a pair or, in fact, a set of stories. We wanted to tell and resolve their love story in a calm, detached way. If you clear the game with Celine, about half of their background story will be told and you'll unlock Curian as a playable character. If you play as Curian, other hidden stories about their relationship will be revealed.


Celine is one of the Elven leaders and a protector of the Ancient Heart. To keep the sacred artifact from the Dark Legion, this seemingly fragile archer fought as one of the Xok Knights during the First War of Heroes. Originally appearing in Kingdom Under Fire as a non-playable character, her beauty and tragic story made her a memorable character.

Celine is the only female playable character in Circle of Doom.
Celine is the only female playable character in Circle of Doom.

Celine was made playable as a hero unit by popular demand in the expansion, Kingdom Under Fire: Gold, and magic arrow was one her renowned skills. With its superior range and great damage, it brought fear to many opponents, making her a substantial part of the Human Alliance during the Second War of Heroes.

In Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, you will be able to find out how she ended up in Encablossa's domain and what will come of her quest to save Curian's soul.

Armor Design

She is the only female in Circle of Doom and is full of mirth and sunshine. Because of these characteristics, her armor needed to be light and breezy. Her armor's texture changes from simple cloth to leaves, becoming lighter and gaining a more transparent, silky quality as it improves. This allows agile movements while still showing off a very feminine figure.


Right after birth, Curian was abandoned at the doorsteps of a monastery in Hironeiden and was raised by monks. The first Kingdom Under Fire followed his footsteps as the young wanderer became a war hero during the Second War of Heroes, leader of the Human Alliance, and eventually the King of Azilla.

As a hero unit on the Human Alliance side and armed with such powerful skills as Shift (a teleport move), Freeze (immobilizes surrounding enemies), and Energy Burst (shoots out electric charges from his sword), he could single-handedly reverse the tide of a battle.

You'll have to finish the game with Celine to unlock Curian--and the resolution of their story together.
You'll have to finish the game with Celine to unlock Curian--and the resolution of their story together.

In Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, this bygone savior of Bersia is now wandering in Encablossa's dark dimension, searching for a cure to the mutation that has befallen him. Where is it that he yearns so much to go? Will he ever be able to make it there?

Armor Design

Curian's equipment is probably the most authentic and realistic of all the character designs. It follows a standard fantasy guideline for generic appearances, so the typical "eather to scale to chain mail to plate to full plate progression was applied.

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