Kingdom of Paradise - Character Profile, Part 2

Say hello to another nine characters you'll encounter in Sony's upcoming role-playing game for the PSP.


Scheduled to arrive in North American stores on November 15, Kingdom of Paradise is an action-oriented role-playing game developed exclusively for the PSP. We recently had an opportunity to spend some time with a near-finished version of the game, and just yesterday we profiled no fewer than five of the dramatis personae that you'll encounter in its Eastern-themed world. Today we're profiling a further nine characters from Kingdom of Paradise, namely those from the Central Kirin, Western Byakko, and San Yuan Warrior clans.

Central Kirin Clan


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Age: Over 300
Appearance: 5'5"
Birthplace: Seima
Weapon: Kirin Sword

The lord of the Central Kirin, Gikyo is the former strategist for the Seima Army. His true name is Gikyo Taihan. He used to be friends with the Eastern Seiryu lord, Kobo. Gikyo left his family in Seima behind to fight the clans of Ouka and has been raising Densei as his own son ever since he found Densei. Gikyo has stayed alive for the past 300 years by stealing the souls of his disciples. However, that technique is now reaching its limits, and his body has begun to break down. While living with Densei, his thoughts have turned toward his homeland of Seima, and his final purpose in life has become to revive Banko and return to Seima with Densei. To that end, he is searching for the keys to the sealed-off Kirin Gate, the Liju Sisters. His kindness shows no limits to those he considers family. However, he is merciless and uncaring in dealing with everyone else.


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Age: 25
Appearance: 5'8"
Birthplace: Ouka, Eastern Seiryu, Ryuga
Weapon: Seiryu Sword

One of Central Kirin's Four Divine Generals, Densei's passion is to obtain the Seiryu Sword. Found as an orphan by the Kirin clan lord Gikyo, Densei later joined the Eastern Seiryu as one of its disciples. In a way, he is a senior disciple to Shinbu. However, because Shinbu studies the "ancient monument" and is expelled from the clan, he and Densei have never crossed paths before. After taking over for Gikyo as the Central Kirin clan lord, he secretly plans to become the lord of all the clans in Ouka. He takes his stepfather's love for granted and doesn't appreciate him in the slightest.

Densei is a lighthearted character who shows no interest in learning about anything other than what already interests him. Because he was spoiled while growing up, his unwillingness to do things except when he wants to do them tends to stand out. He is able to tell lies with ease, and he tells them with such sincerity that he is rarely found out. The term "true performer" has never been more fitting.

Yen Lan

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Age: 20
Appearance: 5'
Birthplace: Ouka, Southern Suzaku, Jurakunan
Weapon: Suzaku Sword

Yen Lan's arm is the Suzaku Sword. A highly ranked disciple while she was in the Southern Suzaku clan, Yen Lan has suffered several hardships in the past due to her Seima heritage. She lost her parents when she was a child because of the heartless actions of the people who threw them into the Fire Spring. Yen Lan was saved by the Suzaku lord and became a disciple of the clan soon thereafter. Although she was grateful to the clan lord, she began learning various bugei purely for her own motives. Once the clan lord died, she lost sight of any affection she may have had for the clan and left it, despite Xiuk Yu's pleas for her to stay. It turned out that Densei and his lies also played a part in this decision. Yen Lan knows all about the Gate, chi, and the attribute cycles of this world, but after having seen the secret behind the Fire Spring, she has also started to realize that these are not as all-powerful as she had been led to believe. Believing that gender should not be a factor among warriors, Yen Lan has consciously started to talk and act like a man. But once Shinbu asks Yen Lan why she acts that way (if gender doesn't matter), Yen Lan begins to reevaluate the way she sees things. She also begins to feel an odd connection to Shinbu once she learns that his mother was also from Seima.

Yen Lan may have abandoned the clan, but she still cannot bring herself to kill any of her former fellow disciples. She has a strong will to finish whatever she starts and will not give up halfway. But this almost stubborn quality has also gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.


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Age: 18
Appearance: 5'5"
Birthplace: Ouka, Western Byakko, Hakuzen
Weapon: Custom-Made Sword

Ginritsu is the former head Byakko disciple. Her job is to spy and report on Western Byakko, and as a result, she must also pretend to be after the Byakko Sword. She is in charge of planning and strategy with the Central Kirin, and she provides many of its ideas herself. She also cares for Jok Xiu as she would her own sister. Currently, her biggest problem is trying to avoid Genra's unwanted attention. In Western Byakko, it is strictly forbidden to speak of Ginritsu.

A cool and collected rationalist, Ginritsu never fails to be polite and courteous. However, she is merciless to anyone who tries to come between her and Jok Xiu. Her devotion is such that she's willing to sacrifice herself for Jok Xiu.


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Age: 34
Appearance: 5'10"
Birthplace: Ouka, Northern Genbu, Hokusai
Weapon: Genbu Sword

One of Central Kirin's Four Divine Generals. His aim is the Genbu Sword. A former disciple of the Northern Genbu clan, he was supposed to have taken over as the next clan lord, but he abandoned the clan of his own accord because he didn't like the training he was made to undergo. His name was given to him after becoming the Northern Genbu disciple. His main ambition is to become known as the strongest warrior in the world. To that end, he uses the Umu brothers to search for the invincible, legendary bugei, the San'yuan. He has an impure attraction to his fellow Divine General, Ginritsu.

Having excelled at bugei since he began it, Genra has always been highly conceited. He also has more than his share of desire for honor and glory. However, he is incredibly poor at following rules and restrictions. Easily excitable and impossible to calm down, Genra's stubbornness is also world-class.

Western Byakko Clan

Jok Xiu

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Age: 16
Appearance: 5'3"
Birthplace: Ouka, Western Byakko, Hakuzen
Weapon: Byakko Sword

Jok Xiu is the lord of Western Byakko, the clan with the largest number of disciples. Because she believes so strongly in following the clan's traditions, and because she has so few life experiences herself, Jok Xiu relies firmly on the Toshintetsu to provide answers to her difficult questions. However, because the Toshintetsu's answers have become the same as direct orders from Jok Xiu, she has found herself needing to increase the faith among her disciples to accept the Toshintetsu's answers without fail. Currently, she is following the Toshintetsu's strategy to gather and equip disciples, as well as to prepare in her fight with the Central Kirin. To that end, she is currently searching for the locations of the Four Gods and has even gone so far as to attack and wipe out the Eastern Seiryu to steal the Seiryu Sword. She could care less about the distinctions made between the Righteous and the Ruthless and thinks it is a concept that has long since outworn its welcome. She has even sent her beloved Ginritsu off to Central Kirin to act as a double agent for Byakko.

While normally possessing a calm and gentle disposition, if something displeases her, she can instantly turn cold and uncaring. She is self-confident, and the only person she has ever opened up to is Ginritsu. And thus she often finds herself in a lonely position.

Soh Yu

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Age: 38
Appearance: 5'11"
Birthplace: Ouka, Western Byakko, Risou
Weapon: Flat-Tipped Golden Sword

Soh Yu became head disciple of Western Byakko after Ginritsu invaded Central Kirin. He is a faithful to Lord Jok Xiu as a strategist and leader of the search party for the Four Gods. He was the leader of the Toshintetsu operation, and he formulated important clan strategies. He also noticed an unnatural will intervening in the answers he got from the Toshintetsu, but he could not reveal his findings due to the importance of Western Byakko's history. To reveal these things to Lord Jok Xiu, he sacrifices himself to the Toshintetsu.

A modest person who always thinks about others, Soh Yu is a living example of selfless devotion. His reputation among his subordinates is good because he is compassionate to people he doesn't know.

San Yuan Warriors


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Age: 60
Appearance: 5'6"
Birthplace: Chikusei, Eastern Seiryu, Ouka
Weapon: Mumei Sword

Seidatsu is Shinbu's adoptive father, and he works as the head of the local school in town. He is a friend of Lei Gai, and he revives the San'yuan of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity from its 300-year slumber. He is a practitioner of the "San'yuan Way," and since its revival, Seidatsu has eliminated many oppressive groups. He has tried unsuccessfully to eliminate the boss of them all, the Mt. Gokuho Faction, for the past 10 years. Since then, Hohaku, Lei Gai, and he have been called the San'yuan Warriors. Since Hohaku's disappearance, he has been raising Shinbu. But with the destruction of Eastern Seiryu, he passes on the Ginmei Sword to Shinbu. In addition to the sword, Seidatsu also teaches Shinbu the secret of the "San'yuan Philosophy" and advises him to depart on a journey. Also, he asks Kairoku to decipher the Forbidden Poem through Lei Gai.

Seidatsu is a fine man who values morals, faith, and especially etiquette. In general, he does not stand out much. But if the need arises, he is surprisingly quick to make the right decision.

Lei Gai

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Age: 41
Appearance: 5'10"
Birthplace: Ouka, Southern Suzaku, Juraku
Weapon: Mumei Sword

Lei Gai is Jok Xiu's husband. He is a wandering martial artist who isn't affiliated with any clan or opposing party. He believes that the infinitely vast Earth is his dojo. Through his friendship with Seidatsu and Hohaku, he has restored the San'yuan of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity that had been lost for 300 years. After the revival of the San'yuan, he eliminated many oppressive groups. However, he has been trying to eliminate the boss of them all, the Mt. Gokuho Faction, for the past 10 years. During the ongoing battle, he lost the use of his right eye. Thereafter, Hohaku, Seidatsu, and Lei Gai were called the San'yuan Warriors. A bounty was placed on their heads because they hid the secrets of the San'yuan. They are now being chased by the surviving Umu brothers from Mt. Gokuho. However, still believing that Hohaku is alive, Lei Gai wanders Ouka in search of him. Following clan tradition, Lei Gai broke up with Lord Jok Xiu after she became clan lord. But Lei Gai continues to love her.

As a fine man who values faith, etiquette, and especially morals, Lei Gai is very helpful and easily performs acts of charity free of charge. He is an insightful man who can easily sympathize with others.

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