Kingdom Hearts survey wants you to help shape the future of the franchise

Square Enix is asking fans to fill out a survey about the Kingdom Hearts games and what they’d like to see in the future.

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A post on the Kingdom Hearts Facebook page has invited fans of the series to fill out a survey that will help “shape the future of Kingdom Hearts.”

In addition to asking for you basic information and gaming habits, the survey delves deep into your thoughts about the Kingdom Hearts games. It asks what your first Kingdom Hearts game was, why you bought it, what you like about the franchise, which is your favorite, how difficult you think it is, how you’d describe it to a friend, whether you’re more of a Square Enix or Disney fan, and much more.

It also seems that Square Enix is using the survey to help shape future special editions and preorder bonuses. There are a fair amount of questions about which games you ordered, if you preordered for any particular bonus, and what kind of preorder bonuses you’d like to see in new Kingdom Hearts games, a key chain Key Blade, statue, Manga, and many other options.

The survey will be open until March 14, 11:59pm PST.

In January, Square Enix denied rumors that Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV are coming out later this year, and given the early look we had at Kingdom Hearts III last year, it seems highly unlikely that the game has any chance of coming out before 2015.

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