Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link Mobile Game Announced, Closed Beta Coming Later This Year

A new Kingdom Hearts mobile spin-off game is on its way to your smartphone in the near future.


Square Enix has announced a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game called Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link, which will have its first closed beta test later this year. Revealed in the 20th Anniversary announcement trailer, gameplay features 3D-rendered environments, plenty of Heartless to battle, and what appears to be customizable Keyblade Masters.

A number of Disney locations can also be spotted in the trailer, such as the forest from Tangled that was featured in Kingdom Hearts III.

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"Light and darkness brought about the beginning, and hearts nurtured it," the narration for the trailer says. "Life was passed down time and time again until the land was filled with thriving people. This is a city for light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten--Scala ad Caelum, the Missing-Link. Here, people gathered to be a part of a whole, in societies that sprawled and branched like veins through the city. The night you awoke in this world, the stars shone contorted in the pitch-black sky."

Square Enix added that the closed beta will roll out later this year in select regions, although those exact locations have not yet been revealed. An exact release date for the iOS and Android device launch hasn't been nailed down yet either. This isn't the only Kingdom Hearts mobile game available, as Kingdom Hearts Dark Road has been around for a few years now. Square Enix revealed that the grand finale to the Kingdom Hearts Union X storyline will be released for free in August.

The other big news from Square Enix was the reveal of Kingdom Hearts IV, the next entry in the long-running series that Missing-Link spins out of. Development is underway on the next mainline entry, kicks off a new storyline for the franchise called the Lost Master Arc.

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