Kingdom Hearts II, FFXII propel Square profits

Publisher's earnings for its 2005 fiscal year jump 14 percent to 17.1 billion yen ($151 million) from last year's 14.9 billion yen ($132 million).


Last week, Square Enix took a look at its financial numbers and decided some readjusting was in order. However, the company didn't mind as the new numbers were well into the black. On April 18, the company expected to take in 10 billion yen ($88.5 million), but on March 17 tweaked the number considerably to 17 billion yen ($150.5 million)--a change of 70 percent.

It looks like its adjustments were almost right on. Today, the company released its earning for its 2005 fiscal year, which ended March 31, 2006. Square Enix added 17.1 billion yen ($151.2 million) to its account, up from FY2004's 14.9 billion yen ($132 million).

Total sales reached 124.5 billion yen ($1.1 billion), up 68.5 percent from the previous year's 73.9 billion yen ($654.4 million)--which was itself a 17 percent jump over the previous year. Between this year and last, the increased profit was a 14.4 percent increase, down from the 35.8 percent jump between FY04 and FY05, despite 2005's considerable leap in sales.

Notable titles for the year include the Japanese releases of Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and Kingdom Hearts II in Japan, as well as Dragon Quest VIII and Kingdom Hearts II in North America.

For the upcoming fiscal year, ending March 31, 2007, Square Enix predicts a slower year. The company expects net sales to hit 53 million yen ($470 million) and net income to be roughly 5.5 million yen ($48.8 million).

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Ok ;)5

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thats how its done keep it up square althought prediction might be wrong for this year

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Well... be happy, but !i! am worried a lot! I don't even know when Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out in Europe + in the Netherlands!!! P.S. What means TBA (EU)????? Please tell me, because i am gonna to be attracted to the end movie of KINGDOM HEARTS 2!!!!!!

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Square is definately on the up...

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WoW!!! Go SquareEniX!!! Here in AsiA they are the #1 game publisher.... they absolutely own asians bcoz we love RPGs=PlaYStatiOn!!! FinalFantasy and KH will keep rocking our v-game WorLd.....PS3 + Squarenix = Great GAMES unlike its counterpart xbox360+bungie=duh?!*** asians dont like crappy FPS games...thats why PS3 will outsold or even dig a graveyard for xbox360*** here in AsiA. Keep RoCking our Worl SquaReEniX!!!! Go PS3!!!

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Who can believe square came up from being a low class game maker to the giant it is today that is what you call from rags to riches. Slower year pah no way I will buy almost anything from square mainly because of my loyalty I am a total square fan boy expect great things to come from this.

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Advent Children didn't sell well in America? Regardless, KHII is selling like hotcakes. Who knew the first one would garner so much attention leading the sequel to be selling loads.

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Well as they get richer I wouldn't mind see FFXI monthly fee go down from $12 to $7 or so as my cheapass friends don't wanna pay $12 for this awesome game >.

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Quote: "For the upcoming fiscal year, ending March 31, 2007, Square Enix predicts a slower year. The company expects net sales to hit 53 million yen ($470 million) and net income to be roughly 5.5 million yen ($48.8 million)." Shouldn't that say 53 "billion" yen and 5.5 "billion" yen?

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Square Enix will announce 2 fabula nova crystallis spin offs exclusively for the 360 at TGS.

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Square Enix will announce 2 fabula nova crystallis spin offs exclusively for the 360 at TGS :P

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I wouldnt expect any less. they've always had this success since the original FF. other video game companies should learn from SE!!! GOOOOOO SQUARE!!!!!

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well that does it if they say they're gonna fall to that amount next fiscal year doubt if the decide to speed up production on FFXIII for the ps3 that they will double that amount!

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to think that before F.F games Sqare was almost a bankruped company. Now it makes millions with these games!

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and to think that this all started because square-soft was going out of business and had just ONE more title to make before they went under.....which is why they called it their "Final fantasy". The rest is history :)

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with all the ff games that are coming out gor...well nearly ALL systems there's absolutely NO chance for square to get slower and i'm hoping they''ll still be bringing out more games so it never gets slow!!

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Predictable, those 2 games are popular. When Final Fantasy XII hits American shores though, I think we can all expect a lot of great sales and a very nice profit.

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Yeah they deserve it, hardworking and caring for the fans, I hope they can bring greater games at PS3, and I hope they would do some remaking.

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Oh yeah am waiting on all three ffs we are always last in line..... Final Fantasy 12 Kingdom Hearts 2 and Valkyrie Profile Silmeria (so waiting on this one) :lol: Will waiting on all three :D

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No surprise, after all square is the best RPG producer in the whole wide world!!!!

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Good Good. Now focus on a remake of FF7

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KH2 is the best! cant wait till FFXII

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With KHII selling so well for the past two months and Advent Children being the first excellent CG-video game movie, how could this be surprising?

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Way to go, Square!!!!! I know that you will have a great fiscal quarter here state side. I live in a SQUARE WORLD BABY !!!!! FF will totally rock !!!!!

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WOOOW!!! keep going square!!!!

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Square, stay with PlayStaion brand!

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Square stay with PlayStation brand! Xbox is a big flop.

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Bring on PS3 FFVII! Hurrah!

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Square Enix is a totally solid company. They are all over the place in terms of where they put their product though. Some companies go multiplatform with the same game (EA is a biggie on this - Madden on everything for example). But SE does it totally different. With the exception of FFXI (PS2, PC, XBOX 360) its like okay...FFXII over here on the PS2, Final Fantasy Tactics over on the GBA, FFIII on the DS, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP... My favorite example though has to be Kingdom Hearts I on the PS2, Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memory on the GBA, and the continue the story back on the PS2 for Kingdom Hearts II. They are just all over they place. You pretty much need to buy every console if you want to play all their games.

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Good stuff, now let's hope the earnings extrapolate to good quality games from SE.

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。 ◇◎。o.: O☆οo. 。:゜ ◎::☆∧_∧☆。∂: o゜ /。○。 ∂(

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I hope they continue making good quality games.

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dont you mean billion in the latter scales? i.e 53 billion and 5.5 billion

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where's teh final in final fantasy?

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Thanks to Kingdom Hearts 2.

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square supporter

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When FFXII come out in US & EU - Square profits will go up even more! :P

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Bring on the good games and for sure it'll do your purse good Square..

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Hurray a massive game publisher makes millions in profits for making sequels!

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its right for them for a job well done...

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good for them

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u know that Dirge of Carbirus didn't sell well in japan, the gameplay looks horrible but am all for vincent valintine he is a badass character, am wating for Front Mession 5: Scar of War Square-Enix, where is it?

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I dont really see a slower year for them. In America alone they have FFXII, Dirge of Cerebus, new entries in the Mana series, Valkyire Profile, and some other games that are slipping my mind right now. I mean, if they just put a release date on Crisis Core, they could probably rank in some cash off of that one as well. I dont see that big of a profit loss for them as they predict. They need to give themselves some credit. I think that SE is starting to become popular and people will start buying their amazing products like they should have in the first place. SQUARE-ENIX FOREVER!

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Uhh..5.5 million yen = $48.8million? wrong..........

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I got DQVIII and KHII, support Squenix

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i dont know but advent children wasn't grounbreaking awesome LOv SE but latelythere games are sub par compared to their ps1 titles like VII,VIII,and tactics for GBA

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