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Kingdom Hearts Creator Wants New Game To Tie Up Loose Ends And "Change The Format"

Tetsuya Nomura still has more stories to tell in the Disney and Square Enix universe of Kingdom Hearts.


Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura has suggested that a new game could tie up any lingering story threads left behind by Kingdom Hearts 3. Speaking to Dengeki Online and translated by Gematsu, Nomura spoke about creating a brand-new Kingdom Hearts experience.

"I intend to tie up remaining loose story ends but also want to change the format a bit. I want to drastically change the world and tell a new story, but also tie up loose ends," Nomura said.

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If Nomura and Square Enix do return to Kingdom Hearts, it'll still be a long time before that new entry in the series appears on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Nomura is currently working on the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and will be busy on that project for quite some time.

"If we make a Kingdom Hearts game for next-gen consoles, it's going to be released after many other companies have already released their titles, so I believe we'd have to make something that could compete," Nomura explained. "Of course, that's only a hypothetical since we haven't announced that there will be a new title for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X."

The most recent game in the series, musical spin-off Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, was released earlier this month and has a demo that you can try out right now. A new mobile game is also on the way after being delayed, called Dark Road.

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