Kingdom Hearts 3D hits US, Europe next year

Square Enix confirms Western release for 3DS installment in Disney crossover franchise; Dream Drop Distance to serve as "opening chapter of the final conflict" for storyline.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

It's been nearly six years since Kingdom Hearts II came out in North America, and while there's still no sign of a Kingdom Hearts 3, there is confirmation of Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Sora's hair will give the system's 3D capabilities a true workout.
Sora's hair will give the system's 3D capabilities a true workout.

Square Enix today said it will be bringing Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance to North America and Europe in 2012. Set for release on the 3DS, the game will once again combine a cast of Disney standards like Mickey Mouse and The Hunchback of Notre Dame with original Square Enix characters. Described as "the opening chapter of the final conflict" for the series' current storyline, Kingdom Hearts 3D follows Sora and Riku through a Mark of Mastery exam required to become Keyblade Masters.

Since Kingdom Hearts II launched in 2006, the series has seen a wealth of spin-offs, including Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts Re: coded, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. With the exception of Re: Chain of Memories (a PlayStation 2 remake of the original Game Boy Advance Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories), all of the spin-offs have been released for mobile and handheld platforms.

For more on the next spin-off, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

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Avatar image for KH3_2013

maybe they keep making "spin-offs" because square is trying to get ready for the next kingdom hearts saga. I really think there should be remastered KH1 and KH2 in a double pack with BBS in it to for PS3. It would be awesome to play as Sora in HD!

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

"Sora's hair will give the system's 3D capabilities a true workout." i gotta admit, that made me chuckle.

Avatar image for NJGIANTSNY

wow that looks badass can't wait to see all that flashing going on in 3D.

Avatar image for shaks101

Cool, can't wait for actual release date..

Avatar image for bogeta24

And another thing, I kind of like that they make the games for different systems, it keeps the game fresh, plus the 3ds sounds perfect for a kh game, I don't mind using my hard earned money for his series cuz to me it is worth it, plus I can sell old games I don't play anymore to go towards it

Avatar image for bogeta24

Pretty much I would say the only spin off is 358/2 days, because it back tracks and is about a previously mentioned character and doesnt further the story in any way. I am so excited for 3d though, I have a 3ds now!!!!

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Rafa16 I knew you were ignorant once you said spin offs, hence me saying ignorant. If it weren't for Mr. Nomura, I would be like just like you ignorant fools asking for KH3 and stop these spin offs. Funny how you say I'm bending over for someone who gives me great knwoledge about his game. Also, I see you thumbed down my previous comment since it only had 1 thumbs up til you replied. LOL

Avatar image for Rafa16

@lilrobda1 Yawn.. I started to read your reply until I read the part it says "I know I'm a genius" and I knew your reply could not be taken seriously hahahaha. I'll keep playing KH and its spinoffs until I get KH3, you keep bending over for Mr. Nomura. Enjoy!!!

Avatar image for Rafa16

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Ka3DX Because only numbered title games continue the main characters story. All games without Sora as the main character will have computer themed subtitles.

Avatar image for Ka3DX

@lilrobda1 What was the reason games without Sora weren't number? think I missed that.

Avatar image for nmcool

If you want this game, BUY A 3DS, I would recommend it

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Rafa16 Look at you make another ignorant comment, which makes you look eeven worse than before. Because you're so ignorant, you believe what you say is right, when in fact you're wrong. You keep proving you don't know your info just like everyone who comments on a KH page asking for "where is KH3 and stop it with these spinoffs?" I know I'm a genius, hence me reading all of Nomura's interviews, which I used his words(facts) to reply to you with and why I know everything current about KH. Look at you try to correct me with my KH0 and KH3D statement, when if you read Nomura's interviews, he explained that BBS is KH0, and the reason why games without Sora as the main character aren't numbered, along with how KH3D is main game like BBS, and also a bridge game like COM. Ignorance is taking over the world, and you are one of it leaders.

Avatar image for nmcool

This is the reason I bought the 3ds, besides mario kart and Oot

Avatar image for rushiosan

GOD DAMMIT! Enough of remakes, just release a freaking Kingdom Hearts 3! I hate this series now. How long have been since we got a LEGIT sequel for a console? 4 years? 5? All they can do is release more and more spin-offs and remakes instead developing a decent title. And guess what? Same for Final Fantasy. Good job Square.

Avatar image for Shengali

This is the reason I want a 3DS... and the reason I'm waiting :P What? You KNOW there'll be a bundle offered for this, lol

Avatar image for eliebaz

it's so close i can almost smell the plastic wrapping of the game, or the excitement from first turning the DS on with the game card inside, and seeing SQAURE ENIX literally jump out of the screen, with out old favorite characters on screen again on their next new adventure God hurry up i need a release date

Avatar image for Rafa16

@ lilrobda1 Just by not respecting or appreciating a different point of view from yours, that makes you an ignorant (plus a bunch of other things). And since 3D is not either I,II,III that is a spin off. If it bothers you that much start you own page were nobody can comment, say or even think different that you. By the way, what you refer to as "KH0" is called a prequel you "genius". And in case you are not familiar with sarcasm, I was being sarcastic about you being a genius.

Avatar image for nmcool

I really want dream drop distance

Avatar image for Taix34

KH:BBS Was a Great Prequel for PSP but im getting sick of these mini-storylines,I can't wait for KH3 its probally the only reason i bought a PS3 For.

Avatar image for Laiska_pummi

Nein! I demand new game on console!

Avatar image for chance6002

this makes me want to buy a 3DS. i am very tired of the latest KH games keep being released on handhelds. CONSOLES PLEASE! but i am looking forward to this game if i do get a 3DS. -on a side note... why is the heartless so damn colorful?? it bothers meeee >xP

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Shengali But my post was the most recent one, which is why your comment is after mine(plus 40 minutes before yours). Just saying. @Rafa16 But only ignorant people say "Enough with the spinoffs, just make KH3...." It's been confirmed for 2 years that KH3 will start development when Final Fantasy Versus 13 is finished. Also, KH3D is not a spinoff, but a main title game like BBS(KH0). So how am I ignorant again? Just saying. @mooddy You must be ignorant too. The truth hurts.

Avatar image for Shengali

@lilrobda1 How did I not see your post? Because I was busy writing mine, left to go do other stuff then came back and hit "Submit". I even edited it to point out that you beat me to it, and you're whining? Wow, are you that upset that someone acknowledged me and not you?

Avatar image for Rafa16

@lilrobda1 takes one to know one ... douche

Avatar image for SportsFanatic10

Why why why all these spin offs? Lame. We dont want these!! We want a real KH game! Ugh.

Avatar image for leeko_link

Though I'm excited for this, it still bothers why Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't out yet.

Avatar image for mooddy

@lilrobda1 douchebag

Avatar image for svaubel

Square lost me on this series after KHII. I tried to get into 358/2 Days but didnt really care for it. I havent bought a KH game since. Im sick of all the spinoffs. Make a proper sequel to 2, on console, then maybe we will talk Square.

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Shengali How did you not see my comment? Fail. @Raideh Ignorant. @KH3_2013 I am right. It was confirmed this summer. @Reuwsaat Ignorant. @Rafa16 Ignorant.

Avatar image for Raideh

Kind of excited for this, but my excitement is undermined by that single looming question - where is KH3? On a side note, does anyone know who those two party members with Riku in the video are?

Avatar image for caffiend7

@dylan417 I've suggested that for about a year. Both the final mixes of kingdom hearts on the ps3 all they have to do is translate the text maybe add trophies maybe even throw in bbsfm an art gallery perhaps. square would make a fortune with that

Avatar image for randomrings

This game is pretty much 75% of the reason I bought a 3DS last month.... if not more than 75%. It's anywhere near as good as 365/2 then I'll be satisfied

Avatar image for dylan417

I wouldn't mind a KH Collection on the PS3 next year. And of course KH3 on PS3 in 2014.

Avatar image for KH3_2013

At least the story's moving on. I hope that E3 2012 will say something (anything!) about kingdom hearts 3. @Shengali, I hope you're right. @DragonRift, you only need a ps2, psp and a 3ds to get every game cause you can play ds games on the 3ds. @ Reuwsaat, you need to CALM DOWN!

Avatar image for SaiRev3

Nomura: *Laughs* No console KH games for you.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

Where are my goddamn console sequels???? They should make a console remake of these handheld spin-offs, I couldn't stand playing atari-graphics 358/2 nor no-dual stick BBS. Come on! KH has one of the best gameplay in the gaming industry, or had while the PS2 was ruling the streets! It's awful to play games with a dynamic combat like this on handhelds. And even worse, it's a game on each platform! Release all in the same platform, or release everything in multiplatform, I can't afford to buy a new handheld every time you decide to make a spin off! Why does the series I love in the most have to be so problematic to be happy with?

Avatar image for Rafa16

Enough with the spinoffs, just make KH3 for PS3 already!!!!

Avatar image for dxdevilex0

Will probably get this,though I won't understand the story.

Avatar image for Pr0ving4Gr0undz

I'm tired of Handheld KH games!

Avatar image for calvinsora

Finally, solid news about the definitive future of the series. Awesome.

Avatar image for BasilVZero

I cant wait for it!

Avatar image for Shengali

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Shengali

@Kingdom_Fighter They said that KH3 just finishes up the Xehanort storyline, not that it ends KH necessarily :) Edit: Gah! Beat me to it! :P

Avatar image for lilrobda1

@Kingdom_Fighter KH will continue after KH3, which is the end of the Xehanort saga.

Avatar image for Teddified42

How dare they call all those games spin-offs! Outrageous! All those games had meaning and told us all about the story. And then they call Dream Drop Distance a spin-off. I can tell you it is not.

Avatar image for setuwa

I am very optimistic that KH3 will indeed eventually be in development but it will take some time since other projects are being created

Avatar image for funkymonkey4710

I really hope they make Kingdom Hearts 3 cross platform. As much as I want to play the game I don't want to rebuy a PS3 just to play it!

Avatar image for moviequest14

@DragonRift : I'm not the one acting as though I know the content of a game when I haven't even played it.I don't expect people to own every version of Kingdom Hearts but I do expect them to have the sense to not act as though they know the exact story of a game when they don't even own it.Has the KH3d storyline hit yet? Has the entire character/motive roster hit yet? (as if you would read it anyways) so how do you know this isn't the equal of KH3? ''Fair''? Since when did Enix sign a contract that they would develop for only one system? I don't ever remember them promising ps2/ps3 owners that they would continuously produce KH titles for ps3.They can do whatever they want,copies continue to sell so why should they care that their ''fans'' won't buy the systems/games anyways?

Avatar image for Atladica

I dont want spin-offs I want Kingom Hearts 3!

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