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Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Walkthrough: All The Lucky Emblem Locations



Kingdom Hearts III features a special type of collectible called Lucky Emblems. You learn of these fairly early on in the game; they're Mickey Mouse symbols that you "collect" by taking a photograph with your Gummiphone. The reward for photographing Lucky Emblems isn’t made entirely clear at first, but know that doing so will net you the secret ending. If that entices you, then we encourage you to always be on the lookout. Sora, Donald, and Goofy often note when a Lucky Emblem is nearby, so take the time to investigate when you know one is close. They’re usually hidden behind objects, on walls, or somewhere up above.

Depending on the difficulty level you've chosen, the number of Lucky Emblems you need to get the secret ending will vary. If you're playing on easy, you need to get them all, but any difficulty level above that requires less. We've yet to collect the full data on how much you need for each difficulty level, but just know that you should start making a habit of snapping shots of these cleverly hidden symbols.

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Seeing as you're here, the importance of this task isn't lost on you! To help you nab that secret ending, we've collected the locations of every Lucky Emblem below. It helps to know that the game organizes all the Lucky Emblems on your Gummiphone in order of where you find them in the world, so if you're missing one but have the others around it, try covering the ground in-between the two. But if the shots below aren't enough to point you in the right direction, refer to the video above for further clarification on where each one is.

It's worth noting that getting all the Lucky Emblems also nets you Orichalcum+, an essential synthesizing material required to craft the best Keyblade in the game, the Ultima Weapon. Photographing all 90 Lucky Emblems is but one of the few ways to get an Orichalcum+; you need seven to craft this Keyblade.

If you’re looking for more Kingdom Hearts 3 guides, be sure to check out our beginner's tips feature. You can also read our review for our full thoughts about the game. We've also published a look at just how we reviewed it as well.


Olympus is a great sampler of the open design of the game's maps. When you start your journey here alongside Hercules, you unfortunately aren't made aware of Lucky Emblems, but you might've noticed their presence. Aside from the one hidden in the Forge to the north of the Realm of the Gods save point, most of the Lucky Emblems are found along its multiple pathways. For further clarification on where to find them all, jump to the "00:20" mark in the video above.

Twilight Town

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Twilight Town covers a relatively small area, which makes getting all nine of its Lucky Emblems a cinch. They're mostly hidden in easy-to-miss spots and places up high. But if you haven't been back to Twilight Town in ages, you can jump to the "03:12" mark in the video above for additional clarification.

Toy Box

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The Toy Box world has pretty clear delineations between its few areas. That said, most of its Lucky Emblems are cleverly hidden in spots you wouldn't expect. For additional guidance, jump to the "05:41" mark in the video above.

Kingdom of Corona

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With such a lush forest filling up the majority of its runtime, it's a bit surprising that most of the Kingdom of Corona's Lucky Emblems are actually located in town. Finding these should be no trouble, but if you need assistance, jump to the "08:10" mark in the video above.


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Monstrolpolis is another area where you might have trouble locating its Lucky Emblems. Clever visual tricks make spotting them all a chore for the untrained eye. These shots should help clear things up, but you're welcome to jump the "10:46" mark in the video above if you're lost.


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While Arendelle is a beautiful winter wonderland, it's rather difficult to find many of its Lucky Emblems given how its copious amounts of snow makes a few of its areas look rather similar to each other. If you're struggling, refer to the "13:19" mark in the video above for more explicit directions on where to find each Lucky Emblem.

Hundred Acre Wood

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Winnie the Pooh and friends have the smallest world in Kingdom Hearts III. Its three Lucky Emblems are tucked away in unexpected corners. You can see the locations in more detail at the "17:20" mark in the video above.

San Fransokyo

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There's a lot of vertical space in San Fransokyo, which makes finding its Lucky Emblems difficult. Just know that you're going to find the majority of them at the world's highest points. But if the constant climb upwards is waring you down, jump to the "17:52" mark in the video above for additional reference.

The Caribbean

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The Caribbean is by far the largest area in the game, which makes it rather tough to root out all of its Lucky Emblems. A bunch of islands make up the sum of its massive map, so if you're having trouble pinpointing where everything is, we've made notes starting at the "20:44" mark in the video above.

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