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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Will Get You Granular Difficulty Control And New Photo Modes

You can even nominate exactly how much health you have.


Kingdom Hearts III is due to receive a major piece of free DLC, called Re:Mind, before the end of February 2020. The new downloadable content will come with new playable characters, including Aqua, Roxas, and Riku, as well as new Keyblade transformations and fights. Now, thanks to one fan who attended the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra performance in Osaka, we have some more details about what the DLC will add.

These details, which were tweeted by a Twitter user called Melanie and then compiled by Eurogamer, are focused on some of the ephemera around the new playable content, including new difficulty options and photo modes. While the tweet below mentions a release new month, Melanie clarifies later in the thread that it might actually just be a trailer that's being released in December, as a final release date cannot be nailed down just yet.

Photo mode lets you pose the characters from the game in any setting you want, adding props and changing backgrounds, which sounds like a lot of fun. Slideshow mode, apparently, will let you link photos together, complete with transitions and background music--what you'd expect from the name, basically.

Fast Pass Mode and "Black Code" both concern the game's difficulty, with Fast Pass being designed to let you rip through the game as fast as possible. It lets you one-shot kill enemies and stack more attractions, so that battles end faster and you can play through the story quickly. Black Code gives you granular control over your difficulty, changing how much health you have and potentially making the game harder in numerous ways. Melanie does not have further details, as they apparently went by very fast.

Re:Mind will likely contain new boss encounters when it finally launches, and sounds substantial considering the fact that it's free.

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