Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Massive Bosses, Combat Ahead Of E3

It's not exactly part of E3, but this trailer is sure to raise a lot of excitement during the show!


EA kicked off its not-quite-at-E3 festivities on Saturday with EA Play. Now, Square Enix seems to be joining the party of "companies that don't need your big E3 press conference to show off amazing trailers." The latest gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts III is now live, and you can check it out above.

While the initial trailer, mostly in Japanese, was released yesterday, Sony has now released a version with English subtitles. And combat is, of course, a universal language that we can all appreciate. In addition to showing off some of the game's villains, levels we haven't seen before, and new bits of gameplay, the trailer also revealed when we'd get the next bit of information.

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At the very end of the trailer, text pops up on screen saying: "Join us next month at D23 Expo 2017 as we personally present a NEW WORLD and NEW TRAILER! July 15, 2017." D23 is a Disney-focused event held in Anaheim, California that also tends to include news for Disney's expanding library of content, including Marvel and Star Wars.

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But the most interesting part of this trailer is that it's not part of Sony or Microsoft's press conferences. Instead, Square Enix chose to run the spot during a Kingdom Hearts concert that took place on Saturday night. Since the next new bit of information isn't coming until D23, that means we likely won't see any more of the game at E3.

Square Enix has several other big franchises in the works, the publisher/developer decided not to host its own press conference at E3 this year. While this doesn't rule out the possibility of getting info about Square's other franchises during the show, it sets an interesting precedent for the reveal of AAA game trailers going forward. Regardless, this still adds to the year's most exciting week in gaming news.

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