Kingdom Hearts 3 announced

Sony confirms third mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts series will be released on PlayStation 4.


Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Unveiled during Sony's E3 2013 press conference, the game's announcement trailer showed the protagonist picking up one of the series' keyblades. Sony has confirmed the game will be released for the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Hearts was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002, with its sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, being released in 2006. The series has also seen numerous spin-offs released in subsequent years.

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Avatar image for chyng85

I want this game~

Avatar image for Jedison96

anybody else pissed that they just now started development? i mean, we waited 7 years for just the trailer to come out!!! You'd think that it would've been in development before the E3 reveal trailer, don't you think?

Avatar image for DeathCrusher91

Judging by this video, the graphics seems very 'poor' to be a ps4 release, let's hope square release it for ps3 too.

Avatar image for TrinityChica14

Ive been a Sony fan forever and would probably buy the PS4 anyway, however, I would honestly buy the PS4 strictly for this game. I bought the PSP for the sole purpose of playing Birth By Sleep. LOVE Kingdom Hearts!!

Avatar image for greenballer

Sadness not a ps4 exclusive

Avatar image for Aerathes

Just for those wondering, KH4 has been announced for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Avatar image for bobtheflounder

About time! Once they announce a release date, I'll know when I'm going to go buy a PS4.

Avatar image for Birth_By_Sorrow

I am in awe at this finally being announced. Made my day.

Avatar image for eliebaz

great E3 this year finally after almost a year of unsatisfying games!!!

Avatar image for morph45

KH3 now I'm pumped

Avatar image for sk8linkin

I really really hope that this means HD remakes of 1 & 2 for PS4!! or hell even downloads of the original version on the PS store I'd take!

Avatar image for GoldenSquire757

@sk8linkin yup it's already been announced KH 1.5 comes to PS3 Sept. 10!! HD remake of KH1, Chain of Memories, and 365/2 Days. Then 2.5 is coming soon.

Avatar image for Dante3k

lol PS3, still no games for PS4. Sounds like a repeat of PS3's release. :(

Avatar image for LeozinhoGaiato

Oh man, this E3 will give me a attack in the heart and wallet this year :D

Avatar image for LeozinhoGaiato

And plus... one more reason to buy PS4 o///

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Avatar image for xBluezx

I can't wait to make my party out of Luke Skywalker, Deadpool, and summon Buzz Lightyear and Totoro for some damage and buffs.

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

Never played the series and i'am a huge fan of rpgs. Dont look my style at all.

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

If Im wrong tell me but I dont hear "playstation 4 exclusive" in the presentation.

Avatar image for freedom01

finally Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out and one of the many reasons to buy a PS4 now for me

Avatar image for Iramek

Breaking out the PS2 once it's dated and playing 1 & 2 again. Gotta relive it just before 3.

Avatar image for Trail_Mix

I swear I nearly cried tears of joy when seeing this.

Avatar image for Shinobi-Neo

Kingdom Hearts era never ends, can´t wait!!!

Avatar image for VenPlayer

Yesss!! The moment I've been waiting for....


Would be epic if it's true..

Avatar image for Gulraizrashid

totallly agreed @Ducez_III i mean pain

Avatar image for Ducez_III

This was the moment Sony definitively won E3, imo. Everything after this was just merciless overkill.

Avatar image for Gulraizrashid

........................................WTH i mean Awesome!!!

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally. a great series which is quite surprising. I didn't have to much faith a game "crossover Universes" could work. But Square Enix and Disney have managed to make the Kingdom Hearts series work. I have played all of the Playstation 2/PSP games. Been waiting for KH3 for awhile. Now this is coming to PS4 good news.

Avatar image for LavaEater5

I'm loving life right now.

Avatar image for NTM23

...Better late than never? I guess. They've made so many Kingdom Hearts games on handhelds that I kind of lost track. I have some of them, but I haven't beat any of them. I was in middle school and high school when I beat the first two, that's quite a long time ago. This is good news, but I feel as though I've become unattached to the series by now, though I'm still willing to jump back in with this to finish it up, if it is finishing it up (and I hope it is). I remember I was really into the games, I kept playing the ending to the first before the second, and then when two came out, I had rented it (which I don't do anymore), and beat it in two or three sittings, which is a lot for that many hours of game.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13


Lol, i'm laughing at this but it's a funny thing too as it could mean a forshadow that KH3 will come to XBOX ONE as well they never said it was a PS4 exclusive!

Avatar image for rey2

Lots of possibilities. Disney has Marvel, Star Wars, Tron, etc. It's gonna be one hell of a ride for Sora in KH3.

Avatar image for Liquid-San

@rey2 I hope nothing except Disney and Final Fantasy make it through. I loved The world Ends With You too, but idk why it was in KH 3D.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

Eh....ain't exactly a fan of this game but i played the 1st one and mustered up enough courage to have actually played through and complete the 2nd one seeing it through to the end. By my count in part 2 they made that Kid Sora a bit older like age 15 or something so if this 3rd entry is coming about roughly 7 years later, shouldn't this kid now be in his early 20's or something?? I also hope that they intend to polish up the look of this as well as for a next gen game it looks out dated graphically already even for something cartoony looking with that fantasy-like atmosphere and element!!

Avatar image for sotantalus

Are these PS3 graphics or is it just my imagination? I hope they will release it also on PS3...

Avatar image for Kimikat86

@sotantalus IMHO since the Kingdom Hearts team has been working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII (FF15 now) for so long, and are maybe really close with finishing it, that the graphics shown on KH3 are not final by any means. If you notice it didn't show anything other than him picking up the keyblade and riding some shadows. I think it was honestly something they threw together to just show it was coming and give some sort of 3D to it instead of just showing Kingdom Hearts 3 logo and that is it.

Avatar image for rktPYZQShWz

Oh my god.

Avatar image for pathosfire

Still so much love for this song!

Avatar image for CyberLips

Is it exclusive for ps4?

Avatar image for tylerbrunson

@CyberLips I don't think so. If it was an exclusive, Sony would have made dang sure to announce it as such. But instead their press conference (along with all reports on the game) say it is going to be "released on the PS4." This should lead us to believe it will be a multi-plat. Remember that back when KH 1 and 2 came out, Sony had a much more exclusive connection with Square Enix, not so much anymore.

Avatar image for Dandyslayer13

@CyberLips Most likely yes. No mainline KH game has appeared outside a Sony home console. (mainly PS2 lol)

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@Dandyslayer13 @CyberLips

While I do think it's going to be exclusive, I honestly don't know why Kingdom Hearts 3 should be exclusive to the PS4 since Kingdom Hearts has had a rather strong presence on Nintendo's handhelds so it should at least also be on the Wii U.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@Trail_Mix @Dandyslayer13 @CyberLips

JRPGs have rarely been games that push graphical capabilities of consoles and unless Square-Enix is planning on utilizing the full power of the PS4, I highly doubt bringing it on the Wii U would "weigh down" the game since the Wii U is still a very capable system.

Avatar image for Trail_Mix

@abHS4L88 @Dandyslayer13 @CyberLips

I get what you're saying, but I think the problem here is that the Wii U would probably end up weighing the PS4 version down in a sense. No offence.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@LavaEater5 @Dandyslayer13 @CyberLips

That was only the GBA though, but the PSP came out at the same time as the DS pretty much, yet Square-Enix put 3 out of the 4 handheld Kingdom hearts on Nintendo's handhelds.

Avatar image for LavaEater5

@abHS4L88 @Dandyslayer13 @CyberLips that was mainly because at the time nintendo was the only company with handheld systems.

Avatar image for FooleyAnimator7

So all I'm waiting to hear.... (and that will probably be for forever) Is motherfucking Legend of Dragoon 2..... Or Legend of Dragoon Origins or something!!! If the day comes where I EVER hear one of those 2 are on the way... I'll just fucking die a happy man.

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Avatar image for Sporks_Calamity

Not my cup of tea. A glorified Disney game with sprinkles of SE characters.

Avatar image for QtrArt

really really ps4 is gonna boom boom than x...whatever.