King of Fighters XII drops July 28

Ignition Entertainment's brand-new SNK brawler for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 gets an official launch date.


The next King of Fighters is ready for its coronation. Ignition Entertainment pinpointed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brawler's release date this week with a message on the game's official Twitter page.

That is one fierce case of athlete's foot.
That is one fierce case of athlete's foot.

Ignition is sneaking the game just inside its stated July launch window, as the publisher revealed that King of Fighters XII will arrive in stores July 28. For the 12th installment in the series, developers at SNK Playmore have redrawn the characters from scratch, first creating a 3D model of the character, posing it, and then using it as a guide for traditional, "hand-drawn" 2D pixel art. The process has resulted in the game's roster being pared down, as the cast of 20 characters in the 12th installment omits dozens of staples from the sprawling King of Fighters mythos.

The release of King of Fighters XII will mark the 15th anniversary of the fighting franchise, which first appeared on SNK's own arcade hardware, the NeoGeo. The game will retain the series' trademark three-on-three fighting action and boasts a roster of 20 characters.

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