King of Fighters XII crowned on PS3, 360 in July

Long-awaited refresh for SNK's flagship 2D fighting franchise gets a date with home consoles.


It's been four years since SNK Playmore debuted a new entry in its King of Fighters franchise, primarily because the developer went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the newest installment in the franchise from the ground up. Now the fruit of that labor, King of Fighters XII, is ready for a taste test.


Publisher Ignition Entertainment announced today that The King of Fighters XII will see a worldwide release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this July. For the 12th installment in the series, developers at SNK Playmore have redrawn the characters from scratch, first creating a 3D model of the character, posing it, and then using it as a guide for traditional, "hand-drawn" 2D pixel art.

The release of King of Fighters XII will mark the 15th anniversary of the fighting franchise, which first appeared on SNK's own arcade hardware, the NeoGeo. The game will retain the series' trademark 3-on-3 fighting action and boasts a roster of 20 characters. Fans of the series looking for a refresher course may be interested in the just-released The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match for the PlayStation 2, which also includes footage of King of Fighters XII.

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I've been a fan of KOF for 14 years now since the glorious kof95 & kof94 and I'll take any KOF i can get but only 22 players, oh well, its still going to be glorious if its playable fingaz crossed, "POWERRR GEYSER!"

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i just realised this, but with only 20 characters... DLC could be made, no?

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Don't forget about Blazblue, the spiritual successor of the Guilty Gear series coming out this summer also. Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII, Tekken 6, this is definitely a very good year for fighting game fans. Now if we could just get Sega to release a US version of Virtua Fighter 5 R.

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YESSSSSSSS. Ok, this is good news.

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Street Fighter IV and KOF XII in one year. WOW. There's never been a better time for fighting game fans :D.

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Now THAT is passion. Building 3D models to rotoscope is brilliant. They've rotoscoped the characters in The Art Of Fighting 3 but if I remember correctly, they used real actors. I'm just glad SNK is still supporting 2D which imo will always look better than 3D. I just can't wait.

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Looks like I see a fight between Fighting Game of the Year Coming. Srsly, Tekken 6!? Street Fighter IV!? King of Fighters XII!? Who's up for bone fractures and hand injuries? I know I am!

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I'm ready for a good 2D fighter I've always been a KOF man and was disappointed in Street Fighter 4 so yes let me bring some fatal fury

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Should be an awesome game for fighting fans, but isn't anyone else a bit disappointed in a 20 person roster?

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I am all over this one!

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SNK needs to have air combos and keep it more fast pace. when a character is defeated another character should just automactically come out like Marvel Vs Capcom. stop with the freaking poses and keep the fight going

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I can't wait. This will be better than SF4. 2D FTW!

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neo geo 4 ever

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ever heard of Guardian Heroes? best game on Sega Saturn by far.

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Oh yea!!!! :D me like me like!!

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I own every single SNK, Capcom, Konami games since the NES days. I've been playing games since 1980. None of you can every come close to me on what a good game is because none of you have lived it.

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Awesome. I'll be picking this up day one. As much as I love Street Fighter and am enjoying SFIV, KoF has always been my favorite.

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I will b getting this game when it drops. But i gotta agree with arcelonious on the fact that because Street Fighter IV did so well, King of Fighters XII will prolly not do as great. I'm a late bloomer 2 the SNK fighting games (King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, World Heroes, & Samurai Shodown). My 1st game with any SNK characters wuz Capcom vs. SNK on the Sega Dreamcast (which wuz the best in the series imo). Since then i have bought the compilations of the SNK fighting games so i can play them & have every other SNK fighting that has come out on home consoles since Capcom vs. SNK. The King of Fighters series & all the other fighting games from SNK r a just as good as Street Fighter imo. & just a thought, Capcom & SNK need 2 make a new Vs. game between them 4 this generation of systems.

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Can't wait. It doesn't get any better than this, SF2HD, and KoF12. Even though SF4 is uber awesome, I hope Capcom makes another HD remake of SF games like SF@3, Capcom vs. SNK 2 or even new 2d HD games like MvC3, or CvS3.

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KoF rules! This is shaping up to be a damn good year for fighting games.

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I LOVE SNK! ^o^!

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Oh no Street Fighters old rival.

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About time this is out. This pleases me, greatly. SNK has never let me down, and I expect they won't do so anytime soon. Now for all the BB whiners, I\m sick of playing YET ANOTHER GUILTY GEAR. For the SF whiners, SNK is just as worthy of a company and opponent to Capcom. And for the console whiners, keep in mind there's still a good possibility it will come to the Wii. Look at Samurai Shodown Anthology, and the KOF Orochi Saga. SNK pledged full support of the Wii, and I anticipate nothing less. Orochi Saga and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom already keep my Wii fighting stick busy. :)

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BtmnHatesRbn: What is your problem? SNK may not be Capcom, but they make (in my opinion) a superior fighting game. Crappy KOF XI? The pretty big roster of characters, mixed in with all the new fighting features that game featured pretty much sold me on the franchise. The game wasn't completely broken like MvC2. Sure a superior player with a ton of experience with the KGO team will most likely rip you apart, but for normal seasoned regulars, they could pick any team and have a good match with them. SNK is pretty known for putting out fun games, games that they know will sell. They are taking a lot of time with KOF KII and while it is not what I was expecting (I wanted Elizabeth! DAMNIT), it looks amazing, and this is one KOF/SNK fan who can't wait to get his hands on it. You don't like SNK, that is fine, but don't try and bash it with your empty words, they only make you look like a fool.

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Capcom made a gamble when they decided to make Street Fighter IV with 3D graphics. However, their gamble proved to be successful, because it was implemented very well. Street Fighter IV somehow manages to retain it's traditional 2D feel for its gameplay, yet at the same time, offers up-to-date graphics. The end result is a Street Fighter game that is both familiar and new. King of Fighters XII, on the other hand, seems to be taking a more conservative route. Instead of making a transition to 3D like SF4, they've decided to remain mainly 2D. I've seen footage of King of Fighters XII game play, and it does look like the best KoF to date. However, I think SF4 may have set a new visual standard for "2D" fighters, which may adversely affect the success of King of Fighters XII. Don't get me wrong, I love King of Fighters, and I'll be getting a copy of KoF XII when it comes out. I just think that 2D graphics in a 2009 video game is a little outdated. Well, I guess I can't blame SNK Playmore for not going 2D with KoF XII, since they already fumbled up the franchise by going 3D with the KoF: Maximum Impact series.

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Hope they put Mai in the console versions.

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BtmnHatesRbn: seriously, have you played any of the KOF games, or let me say this, have you played any of SNK's games period? Like Metal Slug, SVC Chaos? The MVS survived until 2003, that's damn good for outdated hardware and the games still looked and played fantastic. From Samurai Showdown to KOF, there's hardly any series from SNK that is bad..granted the quality did slip when they became SNK-PLAYMORE, but still, SNK games have always been top knotch.

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Nice memories of around 8 persons around the kof2000 cabinet in the arcade... Hopes into this one, lets see how it comes ^_^

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XDD Shoryuken?

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@clarkspark BlazBlue of course! aka latest 2D fighter from Arc System Works aka new sort of Guilty Gear..?

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Wow. Is it 1994 and Mai's bouncing boobs are the limit of video game animation quality? Seriously, SNK burned American gamers for a long time, then releases some of worst fighting games after that, and now wants our respect. I spit on SNK and the foul taste their games leave. Also, for a company so cash-strapped like SNK, why no Wii release? They're a stupid company with an old, Clintonian game franchise. It's not 1994 anymore, I'm not reading EGM with a Push-Pop, I'm not watching ReBoot on TV, and ABC no longer airs TGIF with Boy Meets World. Also, I'm pissed about that crappy King of Fighter XI game.

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quinnd6, the beat em' up in unkling's profile pic is called Combat Tribes. It's an old school game that was in the arcades back in the early 90's. The game used to insult you if you died and chose not to continue playing. I'm looking forward to seeing KOF on the 360 but I wish they had some better characters in the roster. Where's Yamazaki, King, Heidern, Eiji Kisaragi. Mr Big and all the other cool characters?

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i have just one thing to say: it HAVE to be better than SFIV to have success... i don't think SNK are that good.

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Nice, glad to see the KOF series on the return track. It's a shame that Capcom didn't stay with this type of character modeling for SFIV, as this just looks and feels better IMO.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@ JinKisaragi WTH is BB?

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Hey Unkling what is that beat em up in your profile pic?

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i love the hell outta the kof & fatal fury series, but is it just me or does it look a lot like sf II hd remix?

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KOF and SF are great and all but its not BB.

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2D Pixel Art FTW! SF is great and all but its not KOF.

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KOF is great and all but its not SF.

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Looking forward to playing the game. I'm a fan of the king of fighters franchise and was wondering when it would come to consoles. Can't wait for July to get here. Now if only they'll announce a release date for Samurai Showdown Sen then i'd be even more happy. 2009 is indeed the year of the Fighting Games.

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as much as I love SNK, I even own a 4-slot MVS with other KOF games, the line up is terrible!!!! SNK could have done a much better job with the character line up. Many peoples favorite characters are going to be missing while many of the worst characters are present.

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Darn, Aint going for another 'fast-paced' fighting games.. I already suffered enough with street fighter 4, where I hurt my finger.. a LOT.. I need the Hori arcade stick if I want to accomplish all the challenges.. and do precise combo. So, i think I'll skip this one.. *rent Tekken are way.. way.. slow than Street Fighter, so I might actually be good with it. Oh man, KOF with all dozens of character to play with..

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Another multiplatforrm game, bye bye ps3 power!!!

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Can't wait.

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closes i'll come to play kof is capcom vs snk 2

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vietboi89 the re-release of KOF98 for ps2 has the whole motherload of SNK fighters.