King of Fighters combo pack bound for PS2

SNK USA readies King of Fighters 2000 and 2001 update for a November release.


The long-standing fighting franchise King of Fighters has sold more than 3 million copies on various platforms. Tomorrow, SNK NeoGeo USA Consumer Corporation will announce its first US release, a PS2 combo-pack update that will offer gamers the seventh and eighth installments of the popular fighting series.

The New Jersey-based company, led by game industry veteran Ben Herman, was formed earlier this year to bring SNK arcade classics to the current home and handheld systems.

The King of Fighters 2000/2001 combination pack is due to retailers in late November and is slated to sell for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

KOF 2000/2001 will feature new modes and upgrades: Memory mode gives players access to opening movies from previous KOF games, and new strikers will be available. Also, KOF 2001 will offer original 3D stages and a party mode, in which a series of randomly generated opponents challenge players who have limited health and match lengths.

The company told GameSpot today it also hopes to have a GBA Metal Slug title ready for release in early 2004.

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