King Of Fighters Allstar Is Collaborating With Tekken 7

Nina Williams and Hwoarang are now playable characters in King Of Fighters Allstar.


Netmarble has announced a cross-over with Tekken 7 in its RPG mobile game King Of Fighters Allstar. The latest update will have new playable characters, battle cards, events, and more.

Players will now have the opportunity to unlock Hwoarang, a new playable EX fighter classified as a blue element/attack type character. He increases Tekken fighter's attack by 65%, and his special skill increases his speed by 10% for seven seconds when using an active cooldown. His physical damage will equal 120% of the attack when a critical hit is landed.

Nina Williams will also join King Of Fighters Allstar as a playable EX fighter classified as a yellow element/defense type character. Her attributes increase Tekken fighter's attack by 60% and decrease the tag cooldown by two seconds. When her special is activated, her attack increases by 18%. If her health is 50% or higher, she'll increase critical damage and defense by 10% for five seconds upon landing an attack.

The new Tekken 7 collab battle cards will do the following:

  • Increase Attack by 2%
  • Increase Active Skill Damage by 4.5%
  • Increase Critical Damage by 6%
  • Increase Critical Rate by 5%
  • Increase Critical Damage by 20%

Players can participate in events such as the Boss Showdown: Devil Jin and Paul in Wonderland Rush Dungeon to celebrate the recent collaboration. Those who complete both events will receive special rewards. Players will also be able to use dice points to move Alisa and collect whatever reward she lands on, including items such as the Collab Affinity Mystery Box and Awaken EXP Box. Limited-time modes such as Tekken crafting and event codex have been added as part of the event.

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