King of Fighters 2002/2003 delayed

PlayStation 2 release pushed to early 2005. Xbox version still on track to follow PS2 release.


The King of Fighters 02/03

SNK NeoGeo USA reps confirmed today a delay to the PlayStation 2 release of King of Fighters 2002/2003. The game had previously been slated for release this month. The title "is now going to be shipping around January/Feb 2005," according to SNK.

An Xbox version of the bundle remains scheduled for release sometime in 2005, to follow the PS2 release.

The bundle features ports of the NeoGeo arcade titles The King of Fighters 2002 and The King of Fighters 2003; the title is due to gamers at an SRP of $39.99.

As reported earlier, 2002 is a compilation featuring 44 characters from the previous six entries in the series, while 2003 pared down the character roster but introduced 3D backgrounds and substantial gameplay changes.

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