Kinesoft Announces New Strategy Game

A newcomer to the PC arena unveils its fantasy-inspired strategy game.


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A PC gaming newcomer, Kinesoft, has just emerged from the woodwork and has announced the development of MageLords, a fantasy-based strategy game that will appear in early 2001.

MageLords begins in the twilight of the Fourth Age, where players assume the role of magic users who wield their power to do good - up to a certain point. Inevitably, these mages develop a thirst for power and begin to wage war for territorial dominance. As one of these powerful mages, you must construct an empire and command armies to defeat your rivals and bring an end to the threat of Armageddon.

Integral to the MageLord game experience are some key features. For example, the game will offer epic battles, which will play out in hand-to-hand combat on vast fields; beautifully rendered graphics, including 3D character models from humans to monsters, with a few giants, elves, and hellhounds in between; and strategic planning.

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