Kinesoft Announces Crimson Order

An alien-fighting action game is in development, and we've got the first screenshots.


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Newcomer Kinesoft today announced a new game called Crimson Order. Set in the 26th Century, Crimson Order places you in the role of Mark Prophet, a man with a mission and a score to settle. In a faraway human colony, an alien race known as the Tan'Kahr has subjugated the colonists with the help of human collaborators. You will lead an underground resistance movement to liberate the colony.

Crimson Order's biggest features are key to the game's storyline. You will be required to manage and command a team, with each member possessing a special skill. Furthermore, you will lead your team into nightmarish combat with a host of aliens. Did we mention that the aliens have been given an artificial intelligence that you must defeat? Also in the gameworld are huge environments that respond to your actions. And last but not least, Crimson Order will offer a multiplayer component.

Look for Crimson Order to ship in early 2001.

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