Kinect Star Wars title coming 2011

E3 2010: Microsoft announces exclusive partnership with LucasArts to bring untitled Star Wars game to its Xbox 360 motion-sensing system in 2011.


LOS ANGELES--After announcing six launch titles for its newly named Kinect, Microsoft teased an upcoming Star Wars title for its motion-sensing system at today's E3 2010 press conference. The publisher unveiled an exclusive partnership with LucasArts and demoed a brief fight scene from the new game, whose title has yet to be revealed.

LucasArts is teaming with Microsoft on Kinect.
LucasArts is teaming with Microsoft on Kinect.

The scene revealed gameplay similar to that of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, with a Jedi character shown from a third-person view fighting wave after wave of enemies using a lightsaber and the Force as his main weapons. The scene began with the Jedi entering a semi-destroyed temple courtyard, where he immediately began using his lightsaber to deflect fire from an oncoming wave of battle droids before going on to attack a row of stormtroopers. At this point the gameplay appeared to be on-rails, as another wave of stormtroopers approached from the same direction and the Jedi continued to move forward using a series of powerslides and Force attacks. He used the latter to dislodge a nearby rock and do away with the last wave of stormtroopers before the scene ended with a dropship flying down to reveal Darth Vader, lightsaber at the ready.

Although Microsoft did not show how the new game would be played using Kinect, a live demo of the title during its world-premiere Natal/Kinect renaming event on Sunday night gave us a pretty good idea. With the game on one screen and a Microsoft actor playing it on the other, we were able to see how the title will implement motion-sensing: the actor performed a series of routine moves to control the lightsaber, the Force, and the powerslide moves in the game. The moves range from downward arm swings (for the lightsaber) to a push away from the body (for the Force) to a big step forward (for the powerslide).

Although details are still very sketchy, we look forward to seeing more of the new Star Wars game and how exactly Microsoft plans to implement Kinect throughout the whole game. Stay tuned to our extensive E3 2010 coverage.

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