Kinect Sports scores 3 million sales, Dance Central sells 2.5 million

Microsoft confirms multimillion milestones for Rare's motion-sensing sports compilation and Harmonix's rhythm dance offering.


On October 25, Microsoft will launch a pair of Kinect-enabled sequels to retail in the form of Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports Season Two. The two titles share more than just a release date; they're also the first follow-ups to a pair of the most successful games of the motion-sensing Kinect peripheral's 2010 launch.

Selling 3 million copies is worth a little celebrating.
Selling 3 million copies is worth a little celebrating.

As reported by Joystiq today, Microsoft global Kinect games marketing director Michael Johnson has confirmed global sales figures for the original Dance Central and Kinect Sports. Harmonix's dance game has moved 2.5 million copies worldwide, outdone by Kinect Sports and its 3 million global sales total. (In January, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg confirmed that each had topped 1 million copies sold by the end of 2010.) Johnson also noted that Dance Central was the bigger hit in North America, while Kinect Sports fared better in Europe.

While Dance Central 2 is set for release October 25 in North America, European gamers will be able to get their groove on October 21, with Japanese fans waiting for the game's October 27 debut. In keeping with the Rock Band developer's tradition, all original Dance Central songs can be imported into Dance Central 2. Additionally, the game will sport a new campaign mode, as well as simultaneous multiplayer dancing.

Kinect Sports Season Two's international launches will trail the American release, with Asia and Australia receiving the game October 27, followed by Europe on October 28. The second Kinect Sports game will expand on the array of sports given the motion-sensing camera treatment with skiing, baseball, golf, darts, tennis, and football all included in the new game.

For more on the originals, check out GameSpot's reviews of Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

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The people ragging on Dance Central probably haven't even played it.

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@thurinthurinam Seriously. I didn't know that. I guess they can't seem to get a market share over there. Has any American created electronics company enjoyed success in Japan? I think Apple may be enjoying a bit of success, not sure though. Before I get all the "Its made in China or Malaysia anyways", I referring to American established companies.

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While there wasn't a whole lot of decent games for the Kinect, those two games, along with the pack-in title Kinect Adventures, were all pretty solid, fun games. It wasn't immune to the shovelware that the Wii gained during it's release also, but it has managed to pluck a few good ones in there. I'm glad they aren't trying to ruin the already established franchises , but turning them into full fledged Kinect games, but rather using Kinect as a extra, like in Forza 4. I enjoy my Kinect but I still prefer that standard controller.

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@beuneus12 Yeah I'd much rather play kinectimals than Killzone or MAG.. Oh wait.....

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By 'sold' do they mean bundled with consoles? Because I'd be extremely certain that's the case.

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@GeigerdolylWodd Rare aren't listening anymore. Chained to their desks, their zombie like bodies remain in a comatose state only moving when Microsoft wave the hunk of flesh before them to entice them into making Kinect Tedious Activities 7.

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What about a Kinect KI? Imagine that KI 3 for kinect, c'mon RARE make it happen

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I believe the fact that Xbox 360 is not going to be commercialized in Japan anymore, is more news worthy than this one, Gamespot!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Gelugon_baat I was referring to the incredible stupidity of humanity in general, of which this story is merely indicative.

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@Atheosis [quote="You"]There is no hope for humanity...[/quote]

"No hope for humanity" when some of humanity groan over what are really only games and gaming peripherals. :roll:

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Kinect; a Dance Central peripheral ;D

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Dance central!! So people just jump around in front of a camera. Thats it!! Oh well i guess it beats spending money at the club(sarcasm)

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Only time i would play it is when i have family over other wise its just not worth it.

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wonder how the ps3 'move' is doing? glad I didn't buy into the hype

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best games of last year....

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Dance Central was the only game I really actually really liked on the Kinect. It's good fun, exercise, and get to learn some moves. The other stuff is really just family game night stuff.

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@nurnberg Exactly just look at the Wii, it has some good games but a lot of shovel ware.

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I got it for free with gold so no worries!

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Hey I wont lie the soccer was kinda fun when I played it.

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The Kinect is an instant hit when I have friends over or throw a party, but I prefer my regular Xbox 360 games when playing online or solo obviously. Stop hating, you can do both.

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A lot of you are forgetting the people that buy and play entertainment media like Dance Central are the ones in on that still on the video above. Generic white people from suburbia. When gaming became "cool" is when gaming stated to suck.

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I thought they said, that the Kinect sold close to 10 million. That means the remainder doesn't have any Kinect games? xD Still, good sales :)

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It's impressive how Harmonix is constantly able to adapt. They did the cult hits Freqeuncy/Amplitude, then Karaoke Revolution, then Guitar Hero, then Rock Band. Now Dance Central. They seem to stay one step ahead of the competition in the genre.

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Wow Kinect sports is flying off shelves. what's that hd wii thingy...oh yeah the move. Shew I forgot was it was called it's been so long since anyone said anything about it.

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This is the proof that good sales don't equal good games.

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Don't make Kinect the only way to play 360 games and Microcrap can do whatever they want with it.

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There is no hope for humanity...

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The expensive RARE purchase paid off for the first time. And that means only 1 thing, Kinect Sports 2, 3, 4, 5, & so on.