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Kinect Sports gets Calorie Challenge add-on April 29

Microsoft releasing $4 downloadable content for motion-controlled party game next week; will include 250 Achievement points and two Avatar awards.


No Caption Provided Microsoft's full-body motion-sensing technology--the Kinect--launched in November with 17 titles, one of which was Kinect Sports. Now, about six months later, that game is getting its first batch of paid postrelease content.

Microsoft sent word today that Kinect Sports will play host to the Calorie Challenge add-on pack beginning on April 29. The pack will sell for 320 MS points, or $4, and will let gamers take on popular lunch foods and snacks in a range of challenges.

Kinect Sports battles calories next week.
Kinect Sports battles calories next week.

More specifically, in the Calorie Challenge pack, lunch and snack foods like soda, pizza, milk, celery, and others will morph into Avatar Calorie Rivals. Players will face off head-to-head with the food and must burn off a predetermined number of calories within the allotted time to win the challenge.

The Calorie Rivals, and their calorie counts, are below:

Blazing Banana (92 calories)
Chocolate Challenger (416 calories)
Mighty Milk (198 calories)
Peppy Pizza (302 calories)
Steady Celery (25 calories)
Supersonic Soda (133 calories)

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of Kinect Sports.

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