Kinect sales reach 24 million

Microsoft reveals new sales milestone for motion-sensing tech; Xbox Live membership jumps 15 percent year-over-year to 46 million subscribers.


Kinect sales have reached 24 million units worldwide, Microsoft revealed last night during the All Things D: Dive Into Media event. This is 5 million more than the 19 million sold by May last year.

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The Kinect--formerly Project Natal--launched in November 2010. The technology currently retails for $99, though refurbished models are presently on sale through the Microsoft store for $70. Kinect units are also available in a range of Xbox 360 bundles.

An updated version of the Kinect is rumored to be at the core of Microsoft's next-generation platform.

In addition, Microsoft reiterated that 76 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold around the world to date. This is three times the number of original Xbox consoles sold, Microsoft said.

Xbox Live now has 46 million subscribers, the company added, noting this represents 15 percent year-over-year growth. An Xbox Live Gold subscription carries a price tag of about $5 per month, meaning Microsoft generates revenue of around $230,000,000 per month from subscriptions alone.

Microsoft also said 2012 was the "biggest year for entertainment and games usage" through the platform, serving 18 billion hours of "entertainment" during the year, up 10 percent year-on-year. The average Xbox Live Gold subscriber in the United States spends an average of 87 hours a month on the Xbox, also up 10 percent from last year, the company said.

Citing data from the Experian Simmons Spring 2012 Media Survey, Microsoft said 38 percent of the total Xbox Live audience in the United States is female, and 54 percent has at least one child in their household.

The Xbox 360's days may be numbered, as it has been widely speculated that Microsoft will usher in a next-generation platform by the end of the year. This console may even be announced at an Apple-style media briefing in March, perhaps in conjunction with the 2013 Game Developers Conference.

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Avatar image for Oldboy08

So 30 million people who own a 360 can't even use it to its full ability? Hmmm. I would have thought live numbers were bigger than that.

Avatar image for supershmo

24 mil, I guess if you push hard enough people will lay back and accept it

Avatar image for Rheinmetal

Unbelievable!! So Kinect was really that popular... I had underestimated Microsoft.

Avatar image for ecurl143

I can't believe these have been purchased by gamers - that just can't be the case.

I suspect it's more to do with the electronics modding community etc in utilising the kinects abilities.

As Bob Ross used to say "Just a happy little accident...)

Avatar image for Kinguard73

@ecurl143 I liked the kinect but only for one game. After someone broke into my home and stole the whole lot I won't buy another kenect just for a single game. Now if it was around 40 bucks? sure cause how much I like Dance Central. But otherwise? no.

Avatar image for tightwad34

With 24 million sold that can only mean they are going to keep pushing it on us. Just hope it doesn't affect the development of any other games.

Avatar image for xchiefmegadethx

Yeah love my Xbox 360! king of all consoles hands down.

My PS3 gets used here and there some months lol

Waiting for Last of Us already

Avatar image for xblackdivine

<3 XBOX360 <3 and <3 MICROSOFT <3
they are killing at this generation,i like my XBOX360 so much.
MICROSOFT strategies are so wise and gamers like them.
XBOX360 is the KING.

Avatar image for gothemile

Bring in an oculus rift and a fleshlight and you'll know what sells increase is.

Avatar image for FreedomPrime

i bet a huge percent of those things were traded in after a few months of use.

Avatar image for ClaudiusCaesar

46 million fools given free money to MS. And people say "there is no free lunch". MS is having a $230M banquet for free.

Avatar image for xblackdivine

@ClaudiusCaesar hey bro you must talk nice first,2nd we pay for what we use.we enjoy better servers/services and we are happy.
you can play with your console and think you are cool but i think you are not.
becareful who you call the other gamers,do you get my words bro?
XBOX360 is the king and is for KINGs/QUEENs.

Avatar image for runninron69

@xblackdivine @ClaudiusCaesar Awfully easy to make threats from behind a keyboard isn't it pu$$y?

Avatar image for ClaudiusCaesar

@xblackdivine Ok, maybe I shouldn't say "fool". Perhaps, "deceived people" would be more appropriated. I give you that. But, you shouldn't threat people, that worse than call them fool. Chears!

Avatar image for shuffles88

@ClaudiusCaesar we pay for security and quality

Avatar image for ClaudiusCaesar

@shuffles88 Security and quality that only cost what MS gets from the absurd amount of ads on Xbox Live.

Avatar image for xchiefmegadethx

@ClaudiusCaesar Yeah the adds are just so bad. NOTTTTT

STFU Xbox live Shyts all over PSN. I have both consoles but damn WTF is with Sonys bare bones online.

You get what you pay for i guess.

Avatar image for DiamondDM13

Was hoping to see some PS Move numbers so compare, too bad. Good to now there's 24 million Kinect adventureus around. I trust 70%+ are in America too.

Avatar image for Roodogs

I wouldn't use the damn thing if they gave it to me.

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

I want to know how many of these "sales" come from standalone Kinects? I remember when it first came out, stores still had their Christmas stock around the next summer.

Avatar image for xblackdivine

@Mr_Big_Boss it is so much more for you PS move bro.
MICROSOFT is selling KINECT strongly while ps move is dusting.
shake yourself and sony a little bro.

Avatar image for hadlee73

I wonder if the kids know that Microsoft beheaded Johnny Five to make this thing.

Avatar image for rudyv30

@hadlee73 I doubt kids even know who Johnny 5 is. Old folk like us do LOL!

Avatar image for runninron69

@rudyv30 @hadlee73 WHAT!?!! Five NOT alive? OH NO!!!! Poor Stephanie. :(

Avatar image for The__Kraken

I'd be impressed if sales were indicative of quality...

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

@The__Kraken yep some of the best seeling music artisits aren't often not that musically talented, and some of the most popular food places don't taste the best

Avatar image for thequickshooter

well they didn't get a dime from me!

the first month kinect was out i was skeptical about it but i've bought it because of the trailers

and after pluging it in and downloading sonic free riders i saw what that piece of garbage is really worth, after 2 days of use i took a train to the store, and said that what they sold me doesn't function and it bearly support voice command, and i (like boss) got my 85% refund of that piece of garbage

tried to convince my friend not to buy it but he's was certain that star wars kinect is gonna kick ass, and how wrong he was. he was soooo pissed he mearly punched the kinect, the poor fool, only sheep believe trailers cause it's fake as silicon tits

so what do we learn here? not to believe gimicks or trailers and to always demand a refund if an accesory is broken/bad

Avatar image for xblackdivine

@thequickshooter KINECT is so cool to me and we talk garbage when we think garbage;then you must first cleans your mind.
KINECT is a new great way in gaming world.i used it on voice commanding at "ME3",building weapons at "GR:FS",FORZA4/FORZA:H and much more.
KINECT work so nice and most gamers who bought it like it.
do you want a "sweep"?

Avatar image for thequickshooter

@xblackdivine @thequickshooter the kinect is a treand, nothing more

the voice command are cool i admit, but they doesn't register well, the kinect sometimes decides NOT to listen you and that could be a huge pissoff

and what is a "sweep"?

Avatar image for karl445

@thequickshooter when you say they didn't get a dime you mean they still got 15% of the rrp from you for nothing essentially?

Avatar image for thequickshooter

@karl445 @thequickshooter the store got, not sure if microsoft did if someone return an item

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58


Maybe if you would have actually played some of the GOOD games and not that Sonic crap you might have had a different opinion. LucasArts really dropped the ball on Star Wars Kinect, game had potential but they didn't spend the time or resources to make the controls work well. And what were they thinking with the dancing?

The best games for it are the ones that use it as an accessory, like Skyrim, Forza 4 and Mass Effect 3. And there are some good Kinect only games, but they are few and will vary among the gamer's taste in games if they would enjoy it. The Gunstringer was awesome, as was Child of Eden. And they work well as do a few other games.

So what did we learn here? Don't judge a system or peripheral based on a game that is known to be crappy.

Avatar image for thequickshooter

@dlCHIEF58 @thequickshooter skyrim agree, fruit ninja agree

Cash effect 3-meh.

gunstinger blows

child of eden? are you serious?

wow your comment blows, the kinect flows in your blood

Avatar image for thequickshooter

@dlCHIEF58 @thequickshooter only retards enjoy motion controlled gaming

congtraz bro you just earn the dumbass seal of ignorance

you can't seriously make the voice command such a "must" feature, it's cool sure, but fucking useless and for lazy people

on skyrim it's a must cause the game's menu is a fucking mess, but not that much of a must

and yeah i playied the kinect adventures and sports demo, it was cool at first but got bored really quick

it's like the Wii mote, a really shallow gimick that only serves to make sales, not good games

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@thequickshooter @dlCHIEF58

Now I know you are trollin, as you bash games you haven't played with the Kinect. According you your own statement, you only played the Sonic Riders demo (which using a demo to gauge whether a peripheral is good is questionable to begin with) before returning it 2 days later (I am assuming you played the pack in games if you even actually owned one to begin with).

You also bash Mass Effect 3 yet I was not making a statement about the game itself, it was about the Kinect integration which does add a lot to the game in terms of squad control and works. Plus the game itself is good, ending was a little disappointing but the game itself was solid up to that point.

If that is all you got, you haven't proved anything but you are a wannabe hipster trying to look cool by hating on the new popular thing and has to turn to insults when faced with an intelligent response. Yes I do enjoy my Kinect but I am willing admit that many of the developers have dropped the ball on many of the games and there is some room for improvement. Would I want all games to use it? No, at least not as the primary controller but no problems with voice integration or other optional features to enhance the gameplay being used. It is a refreshing change of pace from standard console games.

Avatar image for disciple_slave

We now know there are at least 24 million gamers making the game market riddled by gimmicky peripherals. I will NOT buy a 'Durango' if Kinect is required.

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58


Good, then the Xbox community will be a much better place without your hate and ignorance.

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

@dlCHIEF58 @disciple_slave The Xbox community would be a much better place without Kinect.

Avatar image for pound-u

@R2C25 @Mr_Big_Boss @dlCHIEF58 @disciple_slave What's your point? Sales isn't indicative of quality. How many of those people who bought those games still play it?

Avatar image for R2C25

@Mr_Big_Boss @dlCHIEF58 @disciple_slave I'm sorry, but your sentence is logically challenged. Kinect adventures sold almost 20 million copies. Kinect Sports sold more than 5 millions. And other similar titles surpassed the 2 million barrier, so how could the community be a better place without its most popular games.

Avatar image for anticusho1984

@dlCHIEF58 @disciple_slave lol

Avatar image for FAIL_TR0LL

On a side note - why did Eddie feel the need to mention that Kinect was formerly called Project Natal (and link to that ancient article announcing the official name)? Who at this point doesn't know what the Kinect is or knows it only by its codename?

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456


Avatar image for Nintyfan95

Kinect did serve a better purpose than Wii.

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

@Nintyfan95 it did? what?

Avatar image for Landsharkk

"An Xbox Live Gold subscription carries a price tag of about $5 per month, meaning Microsoft generates revenue of around $230,000,000 per month from subscriptions alone."

Really gamespot? I mean, REALLY? You just made up some random number and wrote it as if it had some significant meaning.

I've never paid near $5 per month for Xbox Live. In fact, I currently pay about $2 per month for Xbox Live and I'm not the only one. In fact, I have 10 friends who also pay about $2 per month. How does that figure into your made-up revenue number?

My gosh, Gamespot you no clue when it comes to businesses, do you?

Avatar image for anticusho1984

@Landsharkk yeah 10 friends, I can tell you can give accurate numbers just by knowing 10 xbox live users, lol thanks for the info "bussines expert"

Avatar image for Sefrix

@Landsharkk Even at 1 dollar a month that's still 12 dollars times 46 MILLION. Get a lot of people to pay a little and you still get good cash flow.

Avatar image for 10finalfantasy

Would be curious to see the breakdown of Kinects purchased indivudually and Kinnects purchased as part of a bundle.