Kinect launching with 17 titles in Nov.

Motion-sensing system to have 12 titles on day one and five more by end of month; Fighters Uncaged, Harry Potter added to debut lineup.


Microsoft is going all out to promote the November 4 launch of its Kinect motion-sensing system. The company is reportedly spending as much as $500 million on an advertising blitz and has even secured a slot on the all-powerful Oprah television show to show off the device.

Kinect will have 12 games on day one and five more by month's end.
Kinect will have 12 games on day one and five more by month's end.

As part of the rising tide of hype, Microsoft today announced the final launch lineup for Kinect. The system will have 17 launch titles, 12 of which will be available on November 4. (See below.) Two more--EA Sports Active 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--will arrive on November 16, followed by Game Party: In Motion and Zumba Fitness two days later. The 17th game, Deca Sports Freedom, will ship before the end of the month.

The European Kinect release slate will include all 17 North American titles as well as Dance Paradise from Mindscape (November 10) and Get Fit With Mel B from Black Bean Games (November 26).

Kinect will go on sale via three packages. The unit, which is compatible with any Xbox 360, will cost $150 bundled with the minigame compilation Kinect Adventures. Those two products are also part of a $300 4GB Xbox 360 package, which features the matte-finish, hard-drive-less version of the console, or a $400 250GB Xbox 360 bundle, which features the glossy-finish, hard-drive-equipped edition of the console.

For more details on Kinect and its lineup of games, visit GameSpot's Kinect Launch Center.

Adrenalin Misfits (Konami)
The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (THQ)
Dance Central (MTV Games)
DanceMasters (Konami)
Fighters Uncaged (Ubisoft)
Kinect Adventures (Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinect Joy Ride (Big Park/Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinect Sports (Rare/Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinectimals (Frontier Studio/Microsoft Game Studios)
Motion Sports (Ubisoft)
Sonic Free Riders (Sega)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft)

EA Sports Active 2 (Electronic Arts)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part 1 The Videogame (Electronic Arts)

Game Party: In Motion (Warner Bros.)
Zumba Fitness (Majesco)

HOLIDAY 2010 (end of November)
Deca Sports Freedom (Hudson)

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xSlugox ps3 move with its ping pong ball on a stick looks not that great... maybe a nice ornament for a christmas tree games for kinect looks not very interesting more for little kids I guess Kinectimals game looks so cute

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Kinect = Fail! You will all see.

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I'm so excited about the Kinect lineup. We are truly part of gaming history with this technical wonder. I'm sure there will be some problems, but that's to be expected. This is THE FUTURE OF GAMING!!!

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@10679 when i 1st saw connect at e3 last year i was excited and couldn't wait but when i saw that on the driving titles there was no accelerate or braking which basically makes it a driving game on rails of sort i was disappointed i know that kinect will be amazing but i'm going to give it a year and wait until they bring the best out of it and have a few more hardcore games.

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there are just about 3 games that does not involve dancing, sports or fitness. dam.

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Honestly this has been Microsofts problem area for quite some time now, but remember the first major Wii titles were much the same as seen here, but there are a few hardcore gamers are going to check out next year. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Xbox360 exclusive sequal to the last PAC MAN game from the 80s. IE Mr./Mis PAC MAN is getting a sequel only on Xbox360. Project Draco from the makers of Panzer Dragoon Codename D from the makers of MGS Then there is the fallowing next year as well: Gears of War 3 XCOM Codename Kingdoms from Crytek Forza 4 This is just the start, and the adds are way better then the PS move adds which do nothing but bash real pets, and the Wii/Xbox360 constantly. Nobdy will buy a product when the adds are all like an Apple fanboys dream world. IE "Buy our product or your not cool says Sony" While Nintendo, and Microsoft say this: Nintendo "Get a Wii it's fun for the whole famliy! in your house!" Microsoft "Get Kinect for your Xbox360 fun for the whole famliy even if they are miles away! Thanks to XBL......"

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@ optimus yo you sound like you know what you are talking about but you don't. don't forget 360 is still an overall controller base console. so when you say words like no analog you're forgeting all about the already wireless controllers that come with the console. kinect is an add-on not an adjustment to an already established controller based console.

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The technology in Kinect is fantastic, but like i thought all along its games are going to suck hard. MS needs some kids games, good idea, but its fan base are hard core gamers who will hate this line up. I own a PS3 so i don't have any brand loyalty to MS but from looking at the tittles i wouldn't buy any of them.

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@grim0187 nice... it's a good thing that you are enjoying your console with your son. :)

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I'm getting kinect but if i could have 1 between move /kinect without a doubt move. Here's why move let's you have full control in games like res evil 5 gc which kinect has no navigator/analog stick or triggers even so while i swing that lightsaber or cast those spells the 360 will move my avatar because i can't. Kinect will be best @ exercise,sports and other actual motions people do like fishing but with only a camera array there's no posible way to do reach or gears kinect while both socom and killzone are move compatible. Welcome to the next level in full motion video where we interacted but had no direct control as we were on a track with an o occasional left or right choice as we kept being propelled forward I also will enjoy the dash app but that's not halo..

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@Tevi I am intrigued. Care to elaborate on why you prefer the move over kinect apart from liking the ps3?

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move is beeter i prefer ps3

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One thing is sure, my lil 6 year old brotha is ganna like this, as in for me, ill just enjoy the multimedia navigation until something decent comes out for the kinect. which i hope is some time soon, but from wat ive seen in E3, i dont think ill be seeing hardcore until next year :\

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@leeko_link Not one single must-buy title is among those list of 17. ******************************************************* I wouldn't say that. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are definitely must buy for anyone getting a Kinect. It comes with Kinect Adventures. Joy Ride might be something I pick up 2-3 weeks down the road. There's not a lot of variety though. Going to have to wait until next year. ===================================== @apocalypsehorse This heap of fail is the reason I will probably be getting PS3. ****************************************************** The PS3 has it's own heap of fail called the MOVE. lol!! You can't escape it no matter which system you choose.

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As a fan of Kinect, I would say NONE of those titles are a must-buy EXCEPT Dance Central. I was at a Kinect event and no one could stop playing that game. People of all ages and genders kept waiting in line to play that damn game.

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@mer1in79 You do know taht hardcore games like gears won't work well with kinnect. Developers would have to create hardcore games that are just as good as gears which the utilize the tech better. Same with the move. It won't work well with driving games.

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Grim0187 if it's between Kinetimals and Dance central against Gears of War well no contest I'll be happy staying in my dungeon fighting the locust horde thanks for making the decision so simple

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@PumpkinBoogie "With a lineup like that and equally steep price-point" Really . I think the price is decent considering you only need one device to play four device. Whats steep is PS move. Just to have a full experience with move means buying 1 starter park, additional wand, analog stick component and if you live in the EU region than you have to buy a fullgame. Thats for one person and if you want to play more than two players that require two wands then you need another camera and the other peripherals you require for 4 players. There are big companies making games from kinect such as capcom and sega. I can't remember the rest.

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Not one single must-buy title is among those list of 17.

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Wow, look at all the crybabies. GAMEZ R SERIOUZE BIZNESS! WE DONTZ PLAY FUR FUN WE WANTSZ ULTIMATE IMMERSION TO EXCAPE OUR SRRY LIVEZ!!! Im getting Kinect. My son will have a blast playing Kinectimals and I'll have a blast with Dance Central. The rest of you losers can stay in your dark rooms with Gears of War.

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Rise of Nightmares, Project Draco, Haunt and Codename D are in the pipework...

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@jinilthedon ummm go back and read my post again. i never once mentioned controllers but since you bring it up, yes, the move uses a controller and so does the wii. except the move makes the wii look like a toddlers toy. what i was talking about in my post was mostly games. yes the move has some lame opening titles but the list of upcoming titles is all hardcore games like killzone, socom, time crisis, etc... NOTHING like the wii!!!! xbox's games and the wii's games are the most similar and thats what my post was about you dolt. and you said the hardcore titles are coming??? where?? nothings been announced from ANYONE! so you dont know that. your just making stuff up. get your facts straight kid. dont need to fanboy kinect when you dont even own one yet.

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@chilly-chill great point. but for any games or even navigating the dashboard. how is the camera gonna know when your making an action vs. you just happened to move your body a little bit. do you have to stand like a stiff statue so the camera doesnt think your trying to do something in game or on the dashboard?? i dont get it either... how the hell is kinect gonna work with ANY serious games?? any thoughts?

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looking good to start things off.

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Wow. Just sports, fitness, and party games. Not a single meaningful game there. The only way Kinect will get in houses is if the bundle happens to sell well. I just can't see people spending $150 for a lineup this bad.

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Seriously?? That's their launch line-up for Kinect? I'm sorry to say but that's pretty weak....that's the best MS is coming up w/ at launch? With all the technology tauted by them w/ Kinect I would've expected a much stronger lineup for them to jump start Kinect w/. :| With a lineup like that and equally steep price-point, it's hard for me to see Kinect getting a good sales jump at release. Even if I had a 360, absolutely nothing on there would convince me to get the Kinect (and I'd assume many 360 owners already feel that way).

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Sheesh.. there seems to be alot of interest here from ps3 owners, I wouldn't call them fanboys but envyboys, anything good said about the 360 seems to be getting thumbs down and bad thumbs up.. how much time you must waste trawling forums to do this..

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As with the Move, software will dictate. But I've got more money on PSMove. Remember how well the PSEye did? Yeah, not very well....

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Im gonna wait on getting Kinect cuz i dont c any titles that make me wanna get the Kinect.

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@dipsetboy17 lol well I would but you said i'm lazy and i'd rather do other things with my time...mainly the second one. If this game makes exercising fun i'm all for it.

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Since Kinect does not feature a new controller. Microsoft could really be onto something. Or "instant death" if Kinnect fails. Hopefully they will pull this off.

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Some people are saying that they are waiting to get this til there are some first person shooters or platformers... but how the hell will that work? how will you use your body to accurately shoot a gun? or make a character jump over a gap in a platformer? I bought the move close to its release and I am seriously rethinking that purchase. But at least I know that there are some very great games releasing soon that are compatible. And even if I don't love playing with the move controller, I can go back to using a regular controller.

Avatar image for dipsetboy17

@mack10 well get your lazy behind to the gym and actually exercise.

Avatar image for mack10

I think i'll be buying this with a few sports/excersise games, maybe it'll be my motivation to lose the 10 pounds i've been wanting to get rid of for the last decade.

Avatar image for ButtonBasherBW

The only reason I'd be looking at it is cause the mrs wants something to help keep fit. It'd be good for that, but a little steep on the price to set that up. Definately be looking for a drop before looking at it further. Don't know about other areas, but the asking price in Aus of $200 is too much at the moment. It's over 2/3s of a complete Wii console.

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I think in the end, just like Nintendo basically admitted their motion controls sucked for games, (all their new stuff either doesn't use motion at all or barely uses the motion control - kirby, donkey kong, metroid, etc...) and they only have one motion plus game, (zelda, and its not even out yet), i 100% guarantee for people who want to play real games on this, in 1 year we will not see many "just camera" games, it will all be controller based games where the Kinect does something neat to add to the game. And that could be really really cool, they shouldn't endorse this as "controller free games" and limit themselves into a tiny box hampered by lack of buttons etc.. but they should push "Kinect enhanced games" and i'd be on board! Halo and Gears with neat Kinect support but still a controller is the way to go.

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What an awful line up. Wonder how many Kinect's will be taken back to the shops when parents in the UK realise they need a living room the size of an air hangar for it to work properly...

Avatar image for RobbySpry

Hmm, well, at least all you Americans will get some much-needed exercise! Good stuff, i'd say. =O)

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@chilly-chill dude you are the character most of the time. this will be the closes tech to virtually reality to date. be patient bro the games are coming.

Avatar image for chilly-chill

btw forgive my lack of knowledge on the matter but how are you gonna make the character move on screen with kinect? jog on the spot? Seriously can someone help me out here?

Avatar image for chilly-chill

Only reason I'm purchasing Kinect is so I can scroll through the dashboard without a controller that should keep me occupied until a good game comes out. That's pretty bad when you think about it, I'll be having more fun cruising the dashboard then playing those games :p

Avatar image for chocolate1325

I'd say the lack of quality games there will hurt it alot in sales.

Avatar image for drswank

Gonna have to try before I buy. I need something that's not going to be HD Wii material.

Avatar image for drswank

@apocalypsehorse Oh yeah, like the PS3 doesn't have two gimmicky motion controllers already?

Avatar image for apocalypsehorse

This heap of fail is the reason I will probably be getting PS3.

Avatar image for monson21502

game party has root beer tapper!!! you can play online vs a friend. if they got the controls down this could be great fun.

Avatar image for tenaus

Hopefully some decent games will come out

Avatar image for hbxclo

The lack of any core type games lies in the fact that kinect doesn't have very many viable uses in core type gameplay. Could you really see yourself playing a FPS with kinect? or a driving game? How about a sports game with the depth of Madden or NBA Live? or a full-fledged action adventure game?

Avatar image for JJMikhail

Hmm, same old comments about how bad the Kinect is going to be because of 'lack of quantity or quality of games'. Be patient, they said the same thing about the Xbox 360.