Kim 'SSanaEE' Tae Gyun officially retires from competitive SC2

Two weeks ago, the South Korean progamer hinted that he may retire from SC2. Yesterday, he confirmed that he has indeed left professional SC2.


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SSanaEE tweeted yesterday that after much contemplation, he has decided that he will retire from professional SC2.

His career as a progamer lasted for just about a year. Starting out in the financially troubled NewStar Hoseo in early 2013, he left the team following its dissolution. From there, he joined the short-lived Team SouL, that acted as a management agency for the players still looking to compete following STX_SouL's collapse.

When the team's major players Baek 'Dear' Dong Jun and Cho 'Trap' Sung Ho found new homes, as well as the subsequent retirement of Kim 'Last' Sung Hyun and Shin 'hyvaa' Dae Kun, the team disbanded and SSanaEE found himself teamless once again. This time, however, he chose to not continue his quest for Starcraft stardom, and retired quietly.

Gyun will not leave SC2 entirely however, and wrote in the aforementioned tweet that he will continue streaming the game on occasion.

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