Killzone Website No Longer Available, Thanks Players For Their Support

The series' last game, Killzone: Shadow Fall, released more than seven years ago.


Killzone developer Guerrilla Games had a smash hit with 2017's Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the sequel Horizon: Forbidden West is set to release later this year. However, it appears the Killzone franchise may have been a casualty of this success. The official Killzone website is no longer available, instead directing players to visit the main PlayStation site in its place.

As spotted by VGC, the official Killzone site now only shows a notice page letting visitors know it has been "retired" and that it will soon forward them to instead. You can no longer create or manage clans in the PS4 launch game Killzone: Shadow Fall, either, though you can still play online multiplayer in the game as normal. It's not clear if there are future plans to shut down these servers yet.

"Thank you to's many fans and visitors throughout the years for their enthusiasm and support," Guerrilla Games said on the site.

The notice does not say the Killzone franchise has ended, though we've heard little on the franchise since Shadow Fall released in 2013. That game ended on a cliffhanger with the ISA and Helghast armies seeing renewed conflict after a period of Cold-War-like silence. A Vita game developed by the defunct Guerrilla Cambridge, Killzone Mercenary, was also well-received for its bite-sized campaign missions and engaging online multiplayer. It was one of the only successful first-person shooters on the Vita, with Resistance: Burning Skies receiving a much more negative reception. Shadow Fall received a mixed reception on PS4 at launch, as its campaign missions couldn't always match the flashy visuals on display. It was certainly an effective technical showcase for the new system, however. It also delivered a basic but entertaining competitive mode, albeit one that couldn't really stand against later shooters on the system.

Though it would certainly make sense for Guerrilla to focus all its attention on Horizon going forward, it does leave the PS5 without a big exclusive first-person shooter. The Resistance series has also been on ice since the early days of the Vita, with Insomniac Games now focused on Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank. However, it's now a first-party Sony studio, so anything is possible.

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