Killzone Trilogy confirmed

Newest addition to PlayStation Collection series hitting PS3 Oct. 23 for $40; includes Killzone, Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 with DLC.


The rumor was right. The latest addition to the PlayStation Collection series will be the Killzone Trilogy, launching in the United States October 23 for the PlayStation 3 at $40. It will arrive in Europe October 24 at €49.99.

Killzone bundles up next month.
Killzone bundles up next month.

The compilation pack includes the original Killzone, updated with a 720p high-definition makeover, as well as trophy support. In addition, the Killzone Trilogy includes the PS3 games Killzone 2 and KIllzone 3. Further, all multiplayer map packs for Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 will be included with the Killzone Trilogy.

Picking up the Killzone Trilogy will not be the only way to grab a high-definition version of the original Killzone. A tweet from the official Killzone Twitter account reveals that Killzone HD will also be released as a stand-alone game. Further details, like a release date or price, were not mentioned.

For more on the games within the Killzone Trilogy, check out GameSpot's reviews of Killzone, Killzone 2, and Killzone 3.

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