Killzone: Shadow Fall patch adds ability to lock campaign mode at 30 fps

Patch v1.09 implements more clan functionality, better checkpoints in the campaign, and a fix for a multiplayer exploit.

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Developer Guerrilla released the v1.09 patch for Killzone: Shadow Fall, which allows you to lock to 30 frames per second in the game's campaign mode in order to guarantee a steady frame rate.

Our review of the game didn't find a problem with Killzone: Shadow Fall's frame rate, but the option to lock the game at 30 fps should help eagle-eyed players who mind the juddering.

The patch also improves the single player experience by adding more checkpoints and automatic saving points throughout the campaign.

For multiplayer, Guerrilla has fixed an exploit where the VC30 weapon equipped with a flashlight increased its range. In addition to various bug fixes and performance improvements, the patch also adds more clan functionality that was previously available only on the game's website, interface changes, and rids the game of some collision exploits in various maps.

You can find more details on patch v1.09 on Killzone's website.

Last month, Sony announced via Twitter that it sold 2.1 million units of the game.

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