Killzone: Shadow Fall gets more free DLC; jetpack announcement teased

A new free multiplayer map is now available, and jetpacks may soon be unveiled.

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Developer Guerrilla Games continues to support PlayStation 4 exclusive FPS Killzone: Shadow Fall with new content, delivering another free map this week as it readies a "big announcement" involving jetpacks.

The latest free DLC release consists of a multiplayer map called The Canyon. Set on the planet Helghan, the map contains both wide-open outdoor areas and tighter, close-quarters areas. More interestingly, it introduces a new mechanic to multiplayer in the form of gravity wells. "Consisting of anomalous spaces where the planet’s gravity field is severely distorted, these wells allow players to 'fall' upwards to quickly reach different areas," explains the Killzone blog.

To download the map, you'll need to locate the map pack on the PlayStation Store containing Hanger and Cruiser; those two maps were released in early March and were also free. Guerrilla does charge for some DLC, but not multiplayer maps. The most recent example is the Insurgent pack, which was released in April and contained new weapons, abilities, and the titular Insurgent multiplayer class. Owners of the game's season pass received that content for free.

With this week's free DLC release out of the way, Guerrilla now plans on making an announcement of some sort this Friday, May 16. A tweet sent out by Guerrilla reads, "We are ready, how about you? #Killzone #SomethingNew #Jetpack," along with a short Vine video that appears to show a jetpack being used in the game. Jetpacks and exoskeletons were both left out of the game's multiplayer at launch.

"Their inclusion would introduce a wide number of new variables and exceptions to account for, and we want to focus on offering fair, reliable and consistent Warzone customizability," read an explanation from Guerrilla's Victor Zuylen last September.

It now looks as if Guerrilla has managed to get jetpacks working in a way it feels comfortable with. We should find out more about the particulars later this week.

Shadow Fall was released alongside the PS4 last November and by January had sold over 2 million units, which, at the time, represented nearly half of PS4 owners in the world.

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