Killzone: Shadow Fall gets 1.05 patch

New Killzone patch includes left-handed mode, general fixes, and slight changes to chapter 7 and 8 of the single-player campaign.

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PS4 launch shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall has received its 1.05 update.

The end of chapter 7 in the single-player campaign has been shortened, and chapter 8 has been made easier due to a raised collision ceiling. These two sequences had previously been criticized by players as being some of the more unenjoyable parts of the campaign.

The patch notes also say that 1.05 fixes "several" UI issues, produces clearer error messages in multiplayer, and fixes up the game's patching system as well as crashes due to the PS4's friends list.

Finally, the game now features left-handed support on the analog sticks, swapping the movement and aiming sticks. Triggers remain unaffected in left-handed mode.

The patch should download and install automatically, although in some cases users will be required to reset their PlayStation 4.

For more information, check out GameSpot's Killzone: Shadow Fall review.

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