Killzone Mercenary will now let you play against bots for $2.49

Botzone Soldier Training arrives for Killzone Mercenary, and will let you unlock the game's multiplayer Trophies.

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New DLC for Killzone Mercenary will let you pay $2.49/£1.99 to play its multiplayer modes offline against bots. It's out now.

The Botzone Soldier Training for Killzone's Vita spin-off allows you to play all of the game's multiplayer levels against the AI, in any combination from 1V1 to 4V4. Playing bots also gives you in-game currency Vektan Dollars, will contribute to your in-game ranking, and will allow you to unlock the game's multiplayer-focused Trophies.

A new title update for the game also patches collision issues in all multiplayer modes, and is therefore a mandatory download for anyone looking to play the game online. Those looking to play Killzone Mercenary against bots will need download the game's Botzone update from the PlayStation Store, too.

For more info on Killzone Mercenary, check out GameSpot's review.

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