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Killzone Dev's New PS4 IP Horizon Is 1080p/30fps

Guerrilla Games confirms resolution and frame rate details for the upcoming PlayStation 4 role-playing game.


Horizon: Zero Dawn, the upcoming PlayStation 4 role-playing game from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, will run at 1080p/30fps, the studio announced today at E3 2015. Art director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed the resolution and frame rate details in an interview with Videogamer.

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The developer went on to explain that Horizon runs on the same engine as PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall, but a much improved one.

"It is actually still the same engine but then [there is] an enormous leap from Shadow Fall to this," he said. "The Shadow Fall engine isn't an open-world streaming world engine so for the last two years a lot of technological effort has gone into actually being able to make it work like this."

Horizon, which combines nature and machines, launches in 2016 exclusively for PS4. The game's protagonist is a woman, a decision that Sony was somewhat anxious about.

For a closer look at Horizon, check out some images in the gallery below.

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