Killzone Dev Reveals New IP Horizon for PS4 at E3 2015

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Tonight, during Sony's E3 2015 press briefing, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games announced a brand new IP called Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game launches in 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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A third-person action adventure game, Horizon puts you into the shoes of a Katniss-esque female archer named Aloy. The world is a vast and colorful one, stuffed with both gorgeous natural elements and machines.

Horizon has a full day/night cycle and players will get to explore forests, mountains, and "atmospheric ruins of a bygone civilization."

Last year, Guerrilla teased its new IP, though that was hardly the first mention of one coming out of the studio. It first confirmed the existence of the new IP way back in 2010.

When asked last year about the possibility of making a more "open" game than the Killzone games it worked on exclusively for a decade, senior online producer Samrat Sharma said, "Open games are a very different beast, and an unprepared team can spend loads on people and money making content for an open game (I used to work for Ubisoft, so I know the pitfalls to avoid).

"Thankfully, we have an ever curious technical team that is not resting on its laurels and investigating new frontiers that help us push our content in new and interesting directions. As for open, specifically, you'll have to wait for the next game's announcement to see what it does."

Sony's E3 briefing is ongoing; follow along with our liveblog here. You can also see all the big news in our roundup.

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