Killzone announced for the PS2

SCEE announces that Guerrilla is currently working on a PS2-exclusive first-person shooter for release next year. First screens inside.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced that the Amsterdam-based Guerrilla development studio (formerly known as Lost Boys Games) is currently working on a squad-based first-person shooter for the PS2 titled Killzone. The game is described primarily as single-player, although today's press release also mentioned that it will support full online gameplay.

Killzone is set in the near future at a time when planetary colonization is a reality and forces loyal to Earth (the ISA) are embroiled in a savage conflict with a militaristic faction that calls itslef the Helghast. Players will assume the role of one of four soldiers sent on a deadly mission behind enemy lines, attempting to undermine and defeat the Helghast forces following their devastating bomb attack on a human colony.

According to today's press release, the gameplay in Killzone takes inspiration from a number of different 20th-century theatres of war, including the trenches of the Somme, the street fighting of Stalingrad, and the guerilla warfare of Vietnam. Killzone is currently scheduled for release in Europe in the third quarter of 2004. No North American release date has been announced at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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