Killzone 2 targets factory

Guerrilla Games' PS3-exclusive shooter goes gold, enters mass production in lead-up to February 27 launch.


Nearly four years ago, when Sony first showed off the PlayStation 3-exclusive Killzone 2 at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the publisher attempted to pass off prerendered footage for in-game action. Though the move left a bad taste in the mouths of many gamers, Guerrilla Games has no less lived up to those initial impressions, with subsequent showings of Killzone 2 garnering exceedingly positive praise.

Guns at the ready.
Guns at the ready.

Soon, the controversy surrounding Killzone 2's less-than-forthright beginnings will be a moot point, as Sony has confirmed PS3 gamers' February 27 date with the title. The publisher said this week that Killzone 2 has officially gone gold, meaning that the game disc has been shipped to manufacturers for mass production.

Killzone 2 continues the story established first in the 2004 PlayStation 2 game and then extended with Killzone: Liberation for the PSP in 2006. Whereas humanity has thus far been primarily on the defensive against the invading Nazi-esque Helghast army, Killzone 2 sees the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance launch an assault on the Helghan homeworld.

As is customary of current-generation shooters, Killzone 2 will feature a variety of modes, including online multiplayer. Up to 32 players will be supported in the online matches across eight different maps. According to the developer, a number of other war zones are being prepped for release postlaunch.

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