Killer7 and MGS creators to join forces?

Gouichi Suda and Hideo Kojima express interest in collaborating on a game; Suda says Revolution project is in the works.


Gouichi Suda, creator of Killer7, and Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, may work together on a game project. During a panel at a recent game event, Suda expressed interest in working with Kojima, whose early works have been a major influence on him.

Suda said that Snatcher, Kojima's hard-boiled adventure game from 1988, was what inspired him to get into the industry, and he cited the game as the reason his studio, Grasshopper Company, makes adventure games like Killer7 and Chicago.

Suda added that he wants to work with Kojima on an adventure game; Kojima reciprocated those feelings. The latter then told the former that they should announce a project at E3.

While the public will have to wait until May to see if the producers were serious, it is confirmed that Suda is already working on a few projects of his own. During the event, Suda revealed that he is working on a game for Nintendo's Revolution, as well as another project for an unnamed platform. No additional details were disclosed for either game.

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Killer 7's controls were not messed up they were just entirely different from the standard type of control scheme. The infinite ammo only puts more focus on shooting skill being important.

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:( no no no no no i hated killer7 it looked like someone took the most disturbing cartoon images and threw them at you with really weird war-cry's and it had bad controls IMO because you had to scan to see the people, infinite ammo, you held "a" to walk (this is gc version) and you moved the control stick to pick which room....ugh no no no whoever made that game is sick and twisted with bad control ideas

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I'm almost afraid to play a game made by these guys....I'm afraid my head will explode...

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Gouichi Suda has good graphics and enviroment and Kojima has perfect Gameplay, both of them have incredibly storyline... NOW THEY ARE TOGETHER AND WILL MAKE A PERFECT GAME!!! I will wait for that game!!!

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this means BLOCKBUSTER!!!!

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whatever they make it will definitly be a hit

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this will definitly be very explosive...

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I think Jack Thompson just crapped his pants.

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Great gameplay of MGS with the trippyness of Killer 7? Count me in!

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if they make their game for Revolution it'll be super-sick.

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1st 9 pages; hope it goes on a system i own

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Hideo Kojima has already said that he is making an exclusive title for the 360. If Suda is working on a game for an unnamed platform, dreams might come true and it might be a collaberation effort for the 360 they're talking about. Either way, a game made by both of them would be quite crazy I'm sure.

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Sounds good, Maybe they will make love to each other once its all done!!! Na just jkin, i hope one of the project is for ps3. People are talking about E3 when its soo far away, Its just the begging of the year. We still got 4 months left to go!!!!!!

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'bout time

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Now this would be interesting. I wonder what the end result would be (of course, other than spectacular)?

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Hope its a good game for the Rev.

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WOW!!! now that is exciting news.

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The two weirdest guys in gaming working on a project together...I'm sooo there!

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that sounds like a good partnership.

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wow!...i'm very curious

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gr8!!! i wonder how crazy a storyline their game will have.

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Awesome. God bless creativity.

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Gip-gip HORRAY! Cool! Great! YES!... e.t.c. Maybe it also come on PS3?!? o_O

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Suda on Revolution... ****ING A!

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that's great.

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Heck, the fact that EITHER of them are making a game is good enough for me!

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With such a combination, I don't think one needs drugs anymore to have his/her head screwed to oblivion and back.

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All I can think here is that the game will have a million plot twists, will be something totally unexpected but awesome, and will completely screw the fans in every way possible. And we'll all love it.

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A new Snatcher? OMG!!! And with the use of the Revolution's controller, the game will be very interactive. This is great news not only for Nintendo but for the whole gaming industry. I just hope Shigeru Miyamoto will join in also. The industry needs someone like him.

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DJ_Redline I rented Killer 7 the day it came out, and an hour later I took it back to Blockbuster claiming it didn't work in my GC. Worst game I ever rented, played, looked at, heard....Well, you get the idea. Maybe you should play a game a little longer than an hour before you pass judgement on it?

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Unfortunately, most of the noobs here have no idea what Snatcher is.

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A new Snatcher!! Oh please be true.

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It isn't guaranteed that kojima is on board as of yet, but he definetly showed interest so its possible.

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"SEX" o.0 Sounds like a Great partnership

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Would make a great game with great story and plot-twist between these two guys. Hope so. As for the Revolution title, I'm interested what it could be.

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0jiggy0 0jiggy0 "it will be as mediocre as killer 7 with a story as stupid as mgs, /drool" what does it take to impress you, i heard killer 7 was good, and mgs has a really good story, at least 1 and 3

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That should make for one hell of a game.

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excellent muhahahahahhahahahaaaaaaah

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it mite be good

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Could be good, as long as it strays as far away from Killer 7 as possible and sticks to the MGS style of gameplay. I rented Killer 7 the day it came out, and an hour later I took it back to Blockbuster claiming it didn't work in my GC. Worst game I ever rented, played, looked at, heard....Well, you get the idea.

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cool !!!

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i have one word and it is "AWSOME"

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Alot of potential there.

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I really hope they go through with it. It might very well end up being one of the best games of all time.

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I'm betting that their collaboration with result in the biggest pile of nonsense ever. It'll be worse than the output of a million art students' film projects.

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