Killer7 and MGS creators to join forces?

Gouichi Suda and Hideo Kojima express interest in collaborating on a game; Suda says Revolution project is in the works.


Gouichi Suda, creator of Killer7, and Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, may work together on a game project. During a panel at a recent game event, Suda expressed interest in working with Kojima, whose early works have been a major influence on him.

Suda said that Snatcher, Kojima's hard-boiled adventure game from 1988, was what inspired him to get into the industry, and he cited the game as the reason his studio, Grasshopper Company, makes adventure games like Killer7 and Chicago.

Suda added that he wants to work with Kojima on an adventure game; Kojima reciprocated those feelings. The latter then told the former that they should announce a project at E3.

While the public will have to wait until May to see if the producers were serious, it is confirmed that Suda is already working on a few projects of his own. During the event, Suda revealed that he is working on a game for Nintendo's Revolution, as well as another project for an unnamed platform. No additional details were disclosed for either game.

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