Killer Is Dead out this summer in Japan

Story, character, and gameplay details about upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 action game from Suda 51 revealed.


Grasshopper Manufacture has announced a release window for its upcoming action game Killer Is Dead.

Killer Is Dead's protagonist, Mondo Zappa, in action. Image credit: Famitsu.
Killer Is Dead's protagonist, Mondo Zappa, in action. Image credit: Famitsu.

According to the latest issue and online preview from Famitsu, the game will be out in Japan this summer for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game's story takes place in a future where both traveling to the moon and human cybernetic implants are possible.

Players control an agent called Mondo Zappa, who is given the task of executing criminal targets for the Execution Office. Aiding him are his female boss, Vivian Squall; his assistant, Mika Takekawa; and the head office chief cyborg Brian Roses. The main antagonist is a cyborg named Victor, who can manipulate human emotions with the use of sound.

The game is billed as an action title where the highlight is melee combat with swords. Mondo's left arm can transform into a gun or a drill; options for upgrading it further are available in the game. Striking enemies will allow players to absorb their blood, which is used to charge up Mondo's Adrenalin Burst that can clear the screen full of enemies. Killing enemies with the special move unleashes dark matter; there is no word on what this energy will be used as.

There is currently no word on whether the game will be out in English.

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