Killer Instinct--This Feature-Length Documentary Explores The Game's Enduring Appeal

Fight On: The Killer Instinct Story is a new feature-length documentary about the origins and popularity of the fighting game franchise.


Killer Instinct, the free-to-play Xbox One launch title that continued on the legacy of Rare's 1995 original of the same name, continues to be popular towards the end of the current console cycle, despite the wealth of fighting games that have released over the past seven years. Now, a new documentary has emerged, exploring the enduring popularity of the series, and the legacy of the original game.

Fight On: The Killer Instinct Documentary is cut together from over 34 hours of interviews with key personnel involved in the creations of both the original and the new game (including Ken Lobb, the inspiration for GoldenEye 007's Klobb gun), as well as several of the game's biggest players.

The full movie runs for 104 minutes, so make sure you have some spare time before you start it. It's also completely free to watch.

If you loved the first game on Super Nintendo and in arcades, the discussion around the technology behind it--and how Rare managed to create such a visually advanced game--is particularly interesting.

Killer Instinct will be part of EVO 2020--although it's not one of the official competitive titles, there will be an open online tournament hosted as part of the event.

Another classic Rare SNES-era series is getting a revival towards the end of the Xbox One lifecycle--a new Battletoads is in development.

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