Killer Instinct's Next DLC Character Is Out Now to Buy

Kilgore has machine guns for hands.


The next DLC character for Microsoft's Xbox One and PC fighting game Killer Instinct has arrived.

After being announced at the end of December, the robot killing machine Kilgore is now available to buy for $10--and there's a special twist. Half of all purchases will go to 2017 Killer Instinct Community Fund, which kicks in money to Killer Instinct competitive gaming tournaments.

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"Even if competing in tournaments isn't your cup of tea, you still have a chance to help support KI and the scene in an amazing way," reads a line from a blog post announcing Kilgore's availability.

You can buy Kilgore on your Xbox One or PC right now. Alternatively, you can queue up your download right here from Xbox Store's website.

Kilgore's official description is also pretty wonderful. Here it is, in full:

"Before Fulgore and the Mark 03 units were introduced to the world, Ultratech created a line of failed cyborgs during the secret CCIX Program. These hulking battle machines bore twin overpowered chain guns that tended to overheat, making them unstable and unfit for service. But one cyborg—nicknamed Kilgore—became self-aware, and started rewriting his own software to account for this deficiency in his hardware. Saved from the scrapheap, this special unit has been brought out of retirement by ARIA to enforce her will…and Kilgore obeys."

In March 2016 more than 6 million people played Killer Instinct, representing the game's best month ever in terms of player figures.

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