Killer Instinct will send disconnecting players to jail

Disconnect from too many games of Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct, and you'll be forced to play with other rage-quitters.

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Free-to-play Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct will soon receive an update to punish disconnecting players, sending them into a matchmaking jail.

Here's how it works: After their first 10 matches, a ranked match player will be shipped off to "jail" if they notch up a 15 percent or higher disconnection ratio. When in jail, players can only fight against other jailed players, with first offenders forced to slug it out with the other naughty fighters for 24 hours.

The length of punishment will be increased by 24 hours every time a player is sent to the Killer Instinct jail, with a cap of five days. After serving time, players are released back among the normal players--but will be sent to jail again if they disconnect a match while their percentage is still higher than 15 percent.

Any match that ends with a player being jailed will count as an automatic loss for the disconnecting player, Double Helix adds.

The update is yet to be formally dated, but developer Double Helix Games says it is coming soon. The patch will also include a new character, Spinal, alongside other general updates and fixes.

For more information, check out the developer's update notes.

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