Killer Instinct Reaches New Monthly Player Record

Microsoft's fighting game had its best month ever in March 2016.


More than six million people played Killer Instinct in March 2016 across Xbox One and PC, representing a new single-month record for the fighting game, Microsoft announced this week as part of its NPD report.

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Killer Instinct, a free-to-play game, was released in November 2013 as an Xbox One launch title. It came to PC on March 29 alongside a major Season 3 update that introduced new characters (Halo's Arbiter and Battletoads' Rash among them) and made other changes to gameplay and visuals. .

Six million is indeed a big number, but there is no word on how the game is performing from a business perspective. Though it's free, Microsoft offers an assortment of microtransactions, letting users pay real-world money for extra characters and virtual currency.

It is also unclear what the previous monthly user record was. Additionally, Microsoft did not share any details on how the six million figure breaks down between Xbox One and PC.

In other news about Killer Instinct, a new single-player mode called Shadow Lords and even more characters, will be added to the game through future updates.

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