Killer 7 slaying Japan this summer

Japanese gamers will get their hands on Goichi Suda's cel-shaded shooter around the same time as their American counterparts.


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TOKYO--Two weeks ago, it was reported that Capcom's Killer 7 would miss its March 24 ship date due to development issues. Since then, Capcom has officially announced that the game will be hitting stores in Japan sometime this summer. The American launch of the GameCube edition is now slated for release on June 7, meaning gamers in both countries will get their hands on Capcom's split-personality action adventure game around the same time.

The summer delay is just the latest suffered by Killer 7. Originally set for release in late 2003 in Japan, the game--produced by Resident Evil and Devil May Cry creator Shinji Mikami and written by Michigan's Goichi Suda--has seen its ship date repeatedly pushed back. Originally meant to be a GameCube exclusive, Killer 7 will now also be released for the PlayStation 2, albeit on an undetermined date.

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