Killer 7 Pre-TGS Update

Capcom shows off another brief glimpse of the upcoming GameCube game.


At a press event today in Japan, Capcom showed off a new trailer for Killer 7, the upcoming adventure game for the GameCube. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and director Goichi Suda took to the stage to reveal that producer Shinji Mikami had advised them not to reveal anything about the game. The only thing the pair would reveal was that Killer 7 was a complicated game that has taken a long time to develop and will be a game that people won't appreciate until they play it.

The new trailer shown for the game was a mix of real-time cinemas and gameplay that highlighted the game's stylish graphics. The unique cel-shaded look of the game was still distinctive and looked quite artistic. The various areas we saw in the trailer were interesting to look at and took advantage of the quirky appearance afforded them by the cel-shading. As far as the actual gameplay goes the trailer didn't offer a clear-cut sense of what to expect from the game. There appears to be first-person shooting elements as well as standard third-person segments as well.

Another question left behind was the game's story, which has heretofore been described as a fateful confrontation between two men described in five stories. The two men in question are Harmon Smith, a "god killer" with seven personalities, and Kun Luan, a "man with god's hand" who can "overthrow the nation." What this all means is anyone's guess but the game certainly looks cool. Look for more on Killer 7 in the coming months.

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