Killer 7 hitting Japan on March 24

Capcom's long-delayed actioner finally gets a concrete release date for a simultaneous PS2 and GameCube release.


TOKYO--After over a year of dancing around the subject, Capcom has finally announced a release for its long-delayed shooter Killer 7. The game will be simultaneously released for both the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in Japan on March 24 for JPY 7,140 ($68). No American release date has been announced.

Developed by Gouichi Suda and his development studio Grasshopper Company, Killer 7 was first announced in 2002 as a GameCube exclusive. However, a PlayStation 2 edition was also announced in early 2004.

In the cel-shaded game, you take the role of Harman Smith, an elderly wheelchair-bound assassin who can switch between his seven multiple personalities to eliminate his targets. For more details on Killer 7, check GameSpot's previous coverage.

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