Killer 7 confirmed for PS2

Capcom announces that its upcoming cel-shaded action title is no longer exclusive to the GameCube.


Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has today revealed via the official Japanese Killer 7 Web site that the game will be released for the PlayStation 2 as well as for the GameCube. The GameCube version of the game is currently scheduled for release in Japan and North America toward the end of this year and in Europe early in 2005. No American release dates for the PS2 version have been announced, and the game has actually only been confirmed for release in Japan and Europe at the time of writing.

Killer 7 is a cel-shaded action game in which players will assume the role of a 65-year-old assassin named Harman Smith who has seven different personalities that he can use to perform different actions. The game contains five storylines spanning four different worlds in two time periods and will see players pursuing a criminal mastermind named Kun Lan. For more information on Killer 7, check out our previous coverage of the GameCube version.

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