Kickstarter Promises Laptop-Like Xbox Series S Experience

The Xbox Series S could become even more compact if a current Kickstarter follows through on its promise to add a laptop form factor to the console.


The defining feature of the Xbox Series S could be even more pronounced if a current Kickstarter project can make good on its promise to provide gamers with a portable screen that fits onto the smaller console.

Having already secured its modest pledge goal of $9,739--Currently over $15,000 at the time of writing--the xScreen is described as an integrated folding screen for the Xbox Series S that can create a laptop-like gaming experience. If you feel like making an early pledge, you'll need to back the project with $195 for the early bird tier, as the xScreen will cost $250 when it hits the market next year. It's not clear what the pledges from this drive will be spent on, although the final total could be used to show retailers just how much interest there is in the community before the product arrives.

The concept itself is a simple one: a plug-and-play screen that complements the design of the Xbox Series S, requires zero console modification and runs off of the power supplied to the hardware. As for the screen specs, the pending patent lists the device as being an 11.6-inch display with a 1080p and 60Hz output, weighs 24.5 ounces, and has integrated stereo speakers. There's also a number of other controls on the bezels that can be used to fine-tune volume, brightness, and other screen settings.

There are even a few accessories planned, such as colored latches, a stand to provide some extra height, and a specially designed case to keep the screen safe when it's not in use. Developer UPspec's timeline has tooling and beta testing scheduled for August once the Kickstarter ends, with production kicking off in December, and delivery starting from January 2022.

This isn't the first time that a hardware brand has attempted to create a portable monitor for gamers, with Asus having its own range of 17.3" full HD screens available that can support anything with an HDMI port, but the xScreen does trump the more impressive specs of that hardware with its more compact design.

Just don't tell Sony that the PS One LCD screen finally has a spiritual successor.

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