Key Diablo Designer Leaves Marvel Heroes Studio

"I'm very proud of all the work our talented team has done together."


David Brevik, the CEO of Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment, has left the California-based company after 6.5 years to pursue other opportunities. The news was first reported this week by VentureBeat, which explains that the split was amicable. Board member Dave Dohrmann has become acting CEO of Gazillion while an official replacement for Brevik is sought.

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Brevik was Diablo creator Blizzard North's president from 1992-2003 before joining Gazillion in 2006 as a studio director. He was named CEO of Gazillion in 2013.

"After six years with the company, David Brevik has moved on from CEO of Gazillion to other opportunities," Gazillion said in a statement. "David has played an integral role in the growth and success of Gazillion, most notably leading the development of the acclaimed Marvel Heroes 2015--and we greatly appreciate his many contributions to the game and the community."

In his own statement, Brevik said working on Marvel Heroes was "one of the best experiences" of his life.

"Creating Marvel Heroes has been a work of passion for over six years," he said. "It was my first opportunity to work on a live-service product and interact with our amazing community and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I'm very proud of all the work our talented team has done together. Though the time has come for me to move on, I'm excited about the future of Marvel Heroes and look forward to what’s next from studio director Jeff Lind and the team."

For more, be sure to read VentureBeat's exit interview with Brevik.

In November, Marvel Heroes added its 53rd playable hero--Magik--who is voiced by prolific voice actress Tara Strong.

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