Kesmai Readies Aliens Online

The massively popular flick is reinvented as a massively multiplayer shooter. Screens chart its progress.


Online gaming powerhouse Kesmai, working in conjunction with Interworld Productions, is making steady progress on development of its much-anticipated first-person shooter, Aliens Online. The new game, based on the film of the same name, is currently in closed beta testing, with an open beta test scheduled to begin sometime in September.

Kesmai dropped by the GameSpot offices to give us an early look at the game - and our reaction is "so far, so good."

Aliens Online presents players with a massively multiplayer first-person shooter (literally thousands of simultaneous players are supported), with a number of unusual elements. Foremost among these is the ability to play using either a Marine or Alien character. As the attached screenshots indicate, character selection has a tremendous impact upon the gameplay experience - visual cues, speed of movement, weapon selection, and much more, are drastically different depending upon which side is chosen. Other innovative features include team-based missions, the ability to view real-time displays of up to three other players' points of view.

As with other Kesmai games, Aliens Online will offer tournaments, special events, and custom level creation tools in order to build a sense of community amongst its players. The game will also include the possibility for long-term character development, and rewards for the most die-hard players. For example, a player who demonstrates absolute mastery over an Alien character may eventually become a Queen, with their own, personal colony in the game world.

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