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Kerbal Space Program Creator's Next Game Unleashes Model Kit Mayhem

Kitbash Model Club wants you to use your imagination to create unique vehicles and then destroy them in open combat against other players.


Kerbal Space Program designer Felipe Falanghe has unveiled his new game Kitbash Model Club, which is being developed by his studio Floating Origin Interactive. Originally known as Balsa Model Flight Simulator, Kitbash Model Club combines air, land, and sea model-building with a sandbox environment in which you can test out your custom creations in battle.

"RC models are something I have been fascinated by," Falanghe said in a press release. "I used to spend hours building balsa wood airplane models and inventing things. Creating questionably-engineered contraptions is something I've always had in me."

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If you're unaware of the hobby, kitbashing is essentially an evolution of model building where you have to think outside of the box (literally) to produce a custom creation. Using parts from multiple kits and re-engineering them so that they'll fit together, it's possible to create a unique work of art... or a crime against plastic.

A prime example of kitbashing would be the original model used as inspiration for the Tumbler Batmobile that first appeared in 2005's Batman Begins. Director Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley used several model kits to create a rough version of the iconic Batmobile that was then used to create larger 1:12 scale models and a full-size replica.

For the game, you'll be able to construct the basic framework for your vehicles, add wings, engines, batteries, paintball guns, smoke machines, rockets, and more. Floating Origin added that creations will have an advanced aerodynamics system that adapts to even the smallest modifications to your models' geometry, which will ensure that your designs will perform exactly as intended.

Kitbash Model Club will have an early access period before its releases on PC later this year, and will be published by Curve Games, the same company that published Human Fall Flat, The Ascent, and Bomber Crew.

Falanghe, who was the lead developer on Kerbal Space Program, left the studio Squad back in 2016. A sequel to the popular space flight sim launched in early access back in February but has received mixed reviews after it launched in a buggy state.

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