Kerbal Space Program Coming to Wii U

Kerbals coming to the Wii U alongside the Xbox One and PS4 launch.

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Popular simulation game Kerbal Space Program is coming to the Wii U, developer Squad has announced. Players will be able to use the Wii U gamepad to look inside the cockpit of ships, and pilot the ship using the gamepad. The game will be released at the same time as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, although a specific date was not named.

In Kerbal Space Program, players construct rockers and spaceplanes with the goal of launching them to complete missions. Missions require players to avert ship failure through a variety of means, such as running out of fuel, or having spaceships break apart because they were structurally unstable.

Kerbal Space Program was first released for PC in April this year after an extended period in Steam's Early Access program. The game was very well received in GameSpot's review, scoring a nine out of ten for its impressively realistic physics and science, and gratifying difficulty curve.

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